Two years and a look backwards..

This day completes two years of RPGCness. Like last year, I’ll have a look back on my activities over here with good memories…

Okay, so I’ve been neglecting the art part of my activities bit due to slight self-criticism, meaning I usually skip scanning about 80% of my drawings as they “look like crap”, and “No-one would want to look at that anyway.”

But hey, in the beginning, those (I admit, slightly rushed, and poor quality and… oops…) things were the stuff that got my drawing career started up, thanks to the positive (and critical) feedback from you guys.

On the literature side, I wrote a few stories last year and started up the Adventures storyline, mainly since I wanted to test out my writing skills, (I’ve always been a top-notch in English, albeit my activeness during classes has been slightly more… desirable) and much to my surprise, it works. All thanks to a community that bothers to read and listen this Finnish dude’s stuff.

Anyways, I’ll be sure to give myself a kick in the butt and start making more art updates, and hopefully, get rid of my self-critical attitude towards my works. All in all, I want to thank you guys for being a good audience and good support towards creative work. Without you, I’d have pretty much have less interest towards arts and writings, but you’ve kept up the interest, and probably will in the future.



<img src=“”> Who are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beats up TD with a foam baseball bat >:3

Kiitos to you, Mabat. ^^
We been here for about the same time ^^

Ready to serve through ink and lead! :hahaha;