Two examples of why cats should NOT be fucked with:

Example #1:

One wonders WHAT THE HELL would cause a tiger to do that. It’s from a tabloid, but still… Amusing, no?

Example #2:
#29 in the sidebar, "Pet of the Week 8/10/04

He is indeed a very loving cat. He loves you so much you want to die.

Headbutts Starstorm gently!!

Big Nutter
I speak cat to…
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I’m still trying to find a picture of the white tiger mauling Seigfried… or was it Roy?

The world may never know.

Yeah, but I’ve got opposable thumbs and the ability to use deadly weapons. When I see a cat mowing down people with a chain gun, we’ll talk.

I’ve seen those. They just sucked at it and cratered.

TD wins. Pony One Cats Nil.

Nice kitty, indeed…they’ve been around animals enough that they should know most cats don’t like leashes or anything else around their necks. :stuck_out_tongue:

The one with the kitten nodding off is cute, though ^.^

I’ve always said that the minute that cats evolve opposable thumbs, humanity is doomed.

Fuck you TD, Fuck you.

Well d’uh.

Oh my GOD. The first few seconds of that I was laughing my ass off, then I felt really bad for the cat because it was going insane. ;_; Then it scared me when it started biting.

All the more reason to skin them and eat them.

And Gila, those who do try that, will be the first to be skinned and ate, when cats do evolve opposable thumbs.

That poor poor trampolinist…that’s a whole lotta action he got from the Bengal tiger…no matter how much he resisted. I can only imagine how the tiger felt afterwards.

Lo Hek doesn’t sound Korean…

I fucking hate cats. All cats should die. Thanks for some comedy though, Starstorm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they even have cats in Australia, or have they all been eaten by dingoes?

But that sleepy kitten is just about the cutest thing I’ve seen since Pierson linked to this picture:

<img src=“”>

Our neighbors cat always comes to our porch and sleeps on one of the chairs. Then he comes over and does the leg rubbing thing. He probably knows that I am allergic to cats.