Twitter: Why?

Twitter’s been around for a little while and stuff, but I guess I’m too old-fashioned to figure out what the point of it is. What is the point? Why is it such a fad? And why the hell do I care what random people are thinking at any time of day? And why do celebrities feel the need to use it? Guess I’m lost in all of this…

I have never understood the point of Twitter.

Why is it such a fad?
Because people can be social about boring things under the premise that it is “cutting edge.” Now, they’re not just writing C++ algorithms or running errands or taking the dog out to shit: they’re inviting us to share their joys. Constantly.

Totally clueless here too.

I’m eating a pita right now. It’s pretty tasty. I think I’ll put some mustard on it. That would be good!

Hey, I just posted on my favorite message board!

Why would anyone ever want to drive a car? People can walk, ride a bicycle, take the train, etc.
Why would anyone ever want to listen to people talk in a movie? It’s the images that people like.
Why would anyone ever want to watch TV at home? People can go to the movie theater.
Why would anyone ever want a computer in their own home? People only need to use them at work.
Why would anyone ever want to use the Internet? People can contact each other with letters, get news from newspapers, watch TV on TV, etc.
Why would anyone ever want to use a cell phone? People can use the phone at home.
Why would anyone ever want to buy things online? People can just go to the store.
Why would anyone ever want to use facebook? People already have so many ways to contact each other (cell phones, email, etc.)

Same shit, new year. Maybe you should start asking why people would NOT want to use twitter?

Next year will probably be…Why would anyone listen to the president’s speech? People are already busy Twitterin’ to themselves.

I’m not wondering why someone would Twitter when they could be doing something similar. I’m wondering why someone would Twitter period. I just can’t see the appeal in blogging 200 characters at a time.

Well I can think of one reason. For most people, one text message costs 10 cents (unless you have some plan). It’s also an active form of communication. If you sent a text message to someone saying “I’m taking the LSAT now” that person would probably think "why should I care? why would you use 10 cents to tell me this? If you wanted to send that message to 10 people, it’d cost you a dollar, and then you’d have 10 people thinking you’re a weirdo.

Or you can update your twitter for free, anyone who wants to (key point here, some people might want to, others might not) can check it, make comments, offer advice, support, etc. which might be meaningful to the person who posted it. Much more efficient than texting, and the message only reaches people who would be interested.

A company offers a free service that allows people to share information in a passive manner to those who want it, and to those who don’t want it they don’t have to receive it. Is it really so difficult to understand? Plus the service is very simple and concise: it forces people to be succint in their messages. In these down economic times, it can be a good way for people to share things like job leads, or given the horrible state of the news media, allows people to share news stories before they break in the mass media, and perhaps their message gets twisted in the process. Really, the service is designed in such a way that smart people can take it and do greater things with it.

Alternative: You can stay locked up in your basement with your VHS player, walkman, analog turnstyle phone, and 28.8kbps modem and mash F5 butan at waiting for zeppelin to respond to your post. Maybe I should have responded to this on twitter, just to spite you! (and I wouldn’t have wasted so many precious words)

I think zep’s theory kinda goes into the right direction. I’d sum it up with: the internet, next to providing actually relevant information, has always been a giant collection of stuff nobody cares about. The only thing that’s changing is that people constantly find new ways to share said stuff quicker, more conveniently and reaching a broader audience (thus, spreading it more efficiently). Hell knows why.
(Add to that the increasing desire of people to interact and share their opinions, aka web2.0 blabla, and increasing laziness. ah yes, teh internet. <33 LOLOLROFLTHELMAO!!!11)

To confuse my stalkers.

Ah. I guess it boils down to me not using text messages or instant messaging, or a cell phone.

Because, you know, if I want to interact with people I’ll actually meet them, or give them a call, or if it’s something I would need to write down I’ll use e-mail because it’s faster. Essentially, if I want to enjoy myself, I’ll sequester myself in a room with a good video game. If I want to communicate, I’m going to damn well communicate rather than spitting out tiny sentences and throwing it open to the entire world at large.

I thought you stalked people?

(Hint: Nul is Death.)

Anyway, I don’t see the point of twittering. The only Twitter I read is that guy Othar’s from “Girl Genius” (because it’s a story in disguise!) :wink:

TweetyBird, 12: 00 PM: I tho’ I thaw a putty tat!

TweetyBird, 12: 01 PM: Ah did! Ah did thee a putty tat!


The only twitters I read, amusingly enough, are the twitters of completely fitional characters. Anyone who reads Girl Genius? I read Othar Trygvassen’s twitter, just because it’s both amusing, and offers an insight into one of the more amusing but less-seen characters.

Edit: Oi, figures. Anyway, some people use Twitter to amusing effect. I look for them.

I read the twitters of fictional interpretations of real life nfl players that were created at KingLaserFace vs. Cutlerfucker is good toilet humor.

I have never twittered and am only aware of it’s existence in a vague, theoretical sense. I can see what it appeals, it’s pretty much Facebook/Bebo/MySpace again or something. I just don’t care.

There’s this huuuuge fighting game tournament in America called Evolution. They don’t do live streaming video feeds, and even if they did, you couldn’t watch two matches at once. So, one of the staff made a twitter that gave you up to date information on what was happening in each of the various game tournaments at each time, with a bigger emphasis on the semi-finals and finals than the first round robin brackets. It was a lot less cluttered than trying to read it off a message board topic.

I think it is to tell people the weather in LA, inaccurate to a maddeningly slight degree.

Damn you and your tweets, David Lynch.