Twilight Crossovers

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Told ya…

I would say welcome to the bottom of the barrel, but that would be doing the bottom of the barrel a disservice. Good lord, I hate Twilight even more now.

In honor of the “Look what GAP said on the Chat!” thread, I recommend doing a Twilight/Rydia fic where Rydia’s summon beasts are seduced by Bella and Bella’s Goons are seduced by Bella. Otherwise do a Twilight parody fic starring Rydia and her summons instead of Bella and her goons.

I only recommend that you have Rydia’s Choco summon as the Pedo-Bird character.


From what I have gathered about this series, this is like romacey vampire stories? Like, anne rice, but less sophisticated, complicated, and written at a sixth grade reading level?

Im glad Im not still in high school to listen to everyone obsess about this. Im sure I would lose many friends.

I’m in college and, while a lot of the girls on my courses (Pretty much everyone but me and like five other guys) do admit the movies require a good deal of turning your brain off, I’ve had some of them proudly say “Yeah, bit it’s just the movie, the book is much better”.

I haven’t pushed the subject since I’ve still got at least three more years working with these people, but still, what the hell.

It’s a crappy romance novel. Plenty of older women love crappy romance novels, even if they know it’s badly written and the male lead is a controlling ass and the female lead is lame.

FUCK - this is the most hilarious fucking post I have ever read in this forum.

fucking. sig. material. and i’ve NEVER said that before.

Love in the time of Bloodsucking. What, you never read that in highschool?

I’d totally comment but I’m waiting for my sparkly vampire boyfriend. Hee hee!

p.s. Twilight/Ouendan