Twilight Crossovers

Why is this allowed to exist?

It’s as if everything that was wrong with the world congealed into a single, tangible website. The books themselves were bad enough, but now it’s spawned a virtual kingdom of fanfics. THIS IS WORLD WAR THREE!


it’s like a smorgasbord of literary rape

Twilight crossover with… Godzilla!? This is an abomination. :expressionless:

I admit, for a while, I was hesitant to call Twilight as horrible a thing as everyone called it. I mean, maybe it was a little sexist, but it wasn;t the abomination everyone said it was, right?

I was wrong. After just reading the chapter-by-chapter examination of this series, I already feel an urge to break it off with any friends who read this. My hatreed is that bad, and I haven’t even fucking read the series myself.

I’m closing this thread now, and forgetting it existed.

I can’t fap to this!

Why the FUCK would you post this!?

Twilight/God of War? Twilight/Green Street Hooligans? Twilight/NiGHTS? What the FUCK

I like the Minesweeper one. :3

Twilight’s bad, but I’m still not going to RAAAAAGE until I see, like, Ayn Rand fan-fiction.

Ah. Welcome to my world.

Though I don’t go anywhere near Twilight and make a sign against Evil Eye when I hear its name. But, I do have something that can make it ALL better. :slight_smile:

Arac: Didn’t find any on, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Fanfiction and rule 34 operate on the same basis, I’m afraid.

Oh my god Weiila, that was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing.

And I already knew of this sort of thing and have raged over it. Twilight/Coraline. :'C

I had a fit of the giggles with this in the morning:

You do not belong in this world.

^ Made of win.

Indeed; it pleases me greatly!

More! More! Wipe the world clean of Cullians! … or whatever those freaks call themselves.


My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

I keep getting baffled at the non-teenager women that like this thing. Teen girls going gaga over a piece of self-pandering wet dream fiction is nothing to be surprised about, I’m certain Weiila above everyone else here is used to that, but after a certain age you expect people to have at least the maturity to pinpoint some of Bella’s more… unfortunate character traits. Mostly because she’s a clean-slate, so these are her ONLY character traits.

Like the fact that she’s an unnervingly co-dependant selfish manipulative cockteasing whore. I was dragged to see New Moon, and I was sorta rooting for the clean-shaved werewolf dude since he seemed comparatively nice, but after a while I had to just give up on the sod and everyone else who did not tell her to go fuck herself after the billionth time she blatantly lead them on while constantly bawling about Edward. And her father! Holy shit, someone give that dude an award, the kind of crap he and his marvellous ‘stache have to put up with if baffling.

We need a Twilight/Lovecraft crossover. Trilly?

I’m on it.

I nominate a Twilight/984 crossover, where 984 is Bella