TV show for gamers

Hi all,

I wanted to get some of your idea and thought’s on a TV sitcom based on DND players, it’s called Gamer’s Anonymous.

I have entered a reality tv show contest, actually I am in the semi-finals right now! It is down 150 contestant now.

My question is what needs to be in a show about DND players, what is core (no pun intended) to a show about gamers?

Also what should be left out, untouched?

A description is below, or you can go to the show’s website at

BTW–If you like the show please vote for it at
Web votes will determine who is in the finals(Top 5).

Show description
An average guy who’s quirky daily life makes him hate his job at Softco, but playing a sword and sorcery roleplaying game with his coworkers allows heroics…in what amounts to group therapy. This guilty pleasure is an embarrassing secret in their corporate culture.

The show revolves around the parallels between the group’s alter egos and their ironic real lives. For the main character, Mark, reality takes on aspects of the game as him and his friends dodge nosey co-workers, cope with social dysfunctions and help each other out in the real world but, in-game, his true feelings escape thru the actions of Ragnar Redbeard and his band of adventurers. One coincidence after another sets up impossible character driven plots proving life is stranger than fiction.

This light-hearted comedy is best imagined as Galaxy Quest meets Lord of Rings-- a fantasy come true for every closet geek in America.

<img src=“”> Hmmm… spam…

Wow, after reading that it’ll suck ass. Anyway, Spam sucks.

My friends and I are working hard trying to win a contest that would get a new show about gamers and AD&D players put on the air. We need to generate interest in order to win. This is not buisness related or some sort of commercial plot to get you to buy anything. This was posted simply to let you know about the show and see if any gamers out there have interest in supporting it.

Yeah sure I believe you… cough

G4 owns all sitcoms, even gamer ones.

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Originally posted by mmcd
This light-hearted comedy is best imagined as Galaxy Quest meets Lord of Rings-- a fantasy come true for every closet geek in America.

It is? I never was notified of this.

G4’s still better than sitcoms.

I dont think that we have G4 in Seattle, if so I’ve never seen it before. If you have ideas how we could improve the show concept, let us know. We are not some corporate giant trying to force feed you programming. We are just a couple of gamers trying to win a contest.

Hey guys, you know what? Maybe he’s telling the truth! cough

Originally posted by Cala
G4’s still better than sitcoms.

And getting bamboo shoved under your fingernails is better than being castrated with a rusty spoon, I suppose.

True. I don’t watch it. I just know of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you TD

Oddly enough his idea, sounds somewhat familiar.

And I just remembered it. Jett Jackson (or something). Every episode he would shoot an episode of his on-show “show”. And each one always had stuff to do with what was going on in the rest of his show. Somewhat similar, I think.

As for you mmcd, can’t help you. And wouldn’t, even if I could.

That’s the dumbest idea ever. Maybe not ever, but it’s pretty dumb.