Turtles - Slash. Who the hell is he?

Remember TMNT4? Prehistoric Turtlesaurus had this black-bandanna’d Turtle … something called Slash as a boss. Annoying little bouncing and blocking little fella with 5 bars of health. Now, I remember reading a few comics back then where he was a good guy. I need info. Please?

If i’m correct in the tv series Slash was a rocksteady’s pet turtle who lived in a small aqarium with a tiny island in it. Bebop and rocksteady found some mutegen and decided that the only way to defeat the turtles was to make another one. (yeah that makes alot of sense 4 turtles trained in the arts of the ninja v.s. one untrained retarded turtle) anyway so they dump the whole container on the turtle mutating him into Slash (and sinced they used the whole container he strounger than the turtles and has excesive roid rage) Slash goes insane when he discovers his tiny plastic island is missing (witch for some reason is the center of his universe) so bebop and rocksteady tell him that the TMNTs have it and he goes out to retreave it destroying a healthy portion of central park in the process. The turtles get there asses handed to them and retreat to figure out what there gonna do. Donatello remembers how Slash kept ranting about his island and decides that they have to find it before there destroyed. While looking for it they run into Slash, Bebop, and Rocksteady and oh look Bebops had Slashes island the whole time. (ya think slash would of noticed) so the turtles keep slash busy while Leonardo kicks Bebops ass and retreaves the island and gives it to Slash. Slash takes his island and hapily trawds off into the greenery oblivios of everything around him. the turtles celbrate and go home and Bebop and Rocksteady go home and get bitched at by Shredder for failing again. Roll credits.

:moogle:… you know what I don’t even want to know how you knew all that.

I just saw the title of this thread as Turtles - Slash.

My brain died a little.

my brain died a little from turtle overload :confused: though thats very cool info!

I remember my Slash action figure! I loved that thing…

Anyway, Slash was in a couple more episodes of the old cartoon. In one, he was stupider than usual (or they were playing the angle that he was really stupid), and he got mutated or SOMETHING so he became a super-genius, but by the end, he was stupid again.

Also, I remember that in the cartoon, Slash loved pizza, but his description on the back of my action figure box had his favorite food as “anything but pizza”, and that always bothered me. =P

Okay, so the Slash I’m looking for isn’t the one in the cartoon. The comics were slightly superior in my eyes back then, considering I could read a year earlier than others :slight_smile: We had a dub, which bring a few fond tears of memories in my eyes every now and then…

I still have my Slash action figure!