Turns or ATB?

I love turns because it allows me to play strategically. I find ATB/real-time annoying because you have to think fast (I can’t nor I want to) and can’t plan a thing (or at least I can’t).
I’m curious to know which one you RPG players prefer.

Depends on the game. In the Final Fantasies and Chrono Trigger I am often able to keep up at the default speed.

I like thinking on my feet.

ATB, but then again I’ve also been playing a lot of RE lately.

ATB/Real time. See Fave RPG for more details. Though I do like Turn Based games.

I usually prefer turn-based RPGs. But, I do like Tales of Symphonia’s real-time battles…

I prefer turn based, but ATB isn’t bad. I like to stradegize my moves, so it’s better for me to play turn based.

I like to think and strategize, so I picked Turns. I do like the ATB if it is like the Final Fantasy games before 10. I hate the battle system for FFX-2.

Have to go ATB, 'cos it just adds to the fun of a fight, I think. Like in CT, or Tales of Phantasia.


i prefer turn-based games because i dont like to rush. far too often have i used the wrong item or spell or hit the wrong target. i liked ffx’s turn system because you entered each command when it was his/her turn and they did it then and there. you didnt have to hope that they’d cast cure in time.