Tummy Tantrum!

So today when I got home from school I was hungry for some cookies. I went over to the cookie jar and there were only 4 thin mints left so I announced that I was going to finish them. I took the package to the table and started eating them and when I got to my last cookie my sister started saying “Give me a cookie, c’mon Tim give me a cookie”, I kept saying no and she got pretty annoyed at me. So she kept asking and I kept saying no so she finally got fed and started threatening me with the Windex bottle. My response was " You’ve already done that to me twice so doing it again is probably a bad idea". She pretty much ignored what I said and just squirted me in the face with windex. I was pretty mad and started to hit her, but looking back on it, it was pretty funny. Only funny after 2 hours of cooling off.

Ah, siblings. Don’t you love them?

Ah, isn’t it fun to be the youngest in the family? :mwahaha: even if you have a psychopathic policeman for an elder brother, though… :runaway:

Dude a shot in the eyes with that stuff…would it be dangerous?

Anyways the only reason why Im posting is that I am so craving cookies right now. We don’t have a jar though ;_;

I got some cookies today.

They were good. :3

In retrospect, you probably should have just given her a damn cookie.

Yea a shot in the eyes would have been pretty bad, but luckily i wasn’t hit there it was more of my cheek and neck.

In that case, it was well worth it to keep the cookies.

Mmmmm… Cookies. All mine, yes, all miiiine. All mine, precious.

Were they evil cookies?

You don’t hit children! >_<

He <b>IS</b> a children.

Is she younger than you?

You should of shut her up by drinking the windex. it would of shut you up too.

I havent eaten or slept since yesterday…

Ah yes, siblings beating eachother up and spraying eachother with potentially dangerous chemical substances over a cookie. The human race is pretty funny, isn’t it? It’s like a mini War on Terror!

Does that make Nicolas Sadam?

And you failed to mention what kind of cookies these were. Correct your mistake.

Originally posted by Nicholas D. Wolfwood
I went over to the cookie jar and there were only 4 thin mints left so I announced that I was going to finish them.

Also- if you didn’t ANNOUNCE that you were going to finish them, there would have been NO PROBLEM!

Well, I’ll be shooting myself now.