Tsukihime translation finished!


I never thought I’d see the day but after an insane amount of effort Mirror-Moon have finally transcribing, translating and re-inserting the entirety of the computer-novel Lunar Legend Tsukihime. I just started playing it and holy hell it’s amusing. If you watched and enjoyed the OVA series or Melty Blood, you have to get this. You’ll need a disc-image of the game. not an installed copy to work, don’t ask me why.

Ripping this entire post out of SA and copying it here because it’s really good;

Go for it.

Whooooooooooa. I’m on it. I enjoyed the anime series enough to wonder what other paths in the game existed. Also, I hope for a Fate/Stay Night translation, too >_>

Yeah, it was released a while ago, but I wasn’t sure if anybody here even cared :confused:

It is very much worth it even if you watched the anime. Actually, ESPECIALLY if you watched the anime. It was a passable adaptation to screen and it was nice on it’s own, but the novel is MUCH better. If not for all the other paths and helluva better development, then just because of Inverse Impulse Shiki (Seriously, removing that part of his character from the anime was fucking stupid).

A few warnings:

  1. It’s long. REALLY long. It’s a serious novel, so be prepared for some severe retina burning.

  2. SAVE IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CHOICE. I cannot stress this enough, especially because of the next point.

  3. Bad Ends aren’t instantaneous. Meaning you won’t just die at once after picking the wrong choice. You might keep on reading for several minutes and then BAM!, you die. So don’t assume you picked the right choice just because the game doesn’t end right away. In any case, Ciel-Sensei and Neko-Arc give you hints in the end about what you did wrong.

  4. Some… actually, all of the technical concepts in the story are actually pretty complex. The working of Shiki’s eyes being the perfect example. Ask if you don’t get it even after reading, I pretty much know the entire thing by heart.

  5. Seriously, download the EVER AFTER soundtrack and replace the ten songs. It really does improve the gameplay. If you could find the game, you can find the soundtrack just as easy.

  6. Yes, it’s an H-Game, but the hentai part is minuscule fraction of it.

  7. Repeating what I said in the first point: IT’S VERY LONG. So don’t complain about it being boring or not having enough action. It’s a novel, not a chapter from Hellsing. And the action parts should seriously be enough, they are very good.

Regarding other TYPE-MOON projects, Mirror Moon is already doing Fate/Stay Night and Melty Blood, and have plans to do Tsukihime Plus Disk and Kagetsu Tohya. And eventually, they might do Fate/Hollow Ataraxia as well.

Not a chapter from Hellsing, you say?!?

Also, EVER AFTER soundtrack? What soundtrack is that? Is this the soundtrack that was used for the game, alternate or is that from some other movie score or so?

EVER AFTER is an improved remix of the game’s soundtrack. Remember that Tsukihime was originally a doujin game, so it wasn’t a professional project on it’s first release (therefore, tiny-ass budget for anything including music).

Once you find it, you need the following themes from the soundtrack.

Sunny Place
Phantom Dance
Charming Summer
In the Moonlight
Ever After (Ending Mix)

The correspond to the tracks from 01 to 10, in the order that I gave you. So just rename them to track01/track02/track03 all the way to track10 in that order and stick them in the empty folder called “CD” that should be in the installation location.

Yeah, I’ll look forward to it as I’m a big fan of the way music works and affects. At least, if I have the correct installation for the game >_>
edit: I just assumed what I had was a install, but it’s actually the image. minor detail, blah blah

Sweet! now off to find the game >_>

Another cool thing about this is that MM gives you the option to remove all the porn sections of the game when you install, which is nice because apparently they really, REALLY suck.

Well, I’ve played through some of it, and I really really enjoyed it :slight_smile: