Trying to work out a characters name in final fantasy - please help!

Hey everyone,

Ok so i have been set with a bit of a trivia task, as part of a bet, from a mate at work. He wants me to work out the name of his pet which is named after a character in final fantasy (Im afraid he wouldnt tell me which volume).

Anyway he said it has 5 letters, starts with an “I” and ends with a “T”… I have searched all the character lists online and can not work it out for the life of me!

If there is any chance someone would please take pity on my gaming-ignorant self I would really really appreciate it.

I only have till 2am to work it out so thought i would just try my luck with asking :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great night!

  • mel -


It’s not a main character; it’s a summon character used in the game’s battles. The name comes from a <a href = “”>Djinn in the Qur’an.</a>

He probably doesnt know that…

That would be the coolest name for some mean looking dog like a Doberman, a Rotweiller or a Pit bull.
Then again, a Chihuahua named Ifrit would be the best yapping joke amongst RPG connoisseurs. :wink:

I’ve always thought of naming my next cat Cloud or Squall or something else if he/she reminds me of a character. The other’s already beat me to Ifrit.

My cat’s named after the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. I found that out freshman year in that one speech class when we had a partner and introduced each other.