Trying to remember a game...

I’m trying to remember the name of an old Sega Genesis game. Here are the details I recall.

You played on top-down view, kind of like Shadowrun or Smash TV. You killed stuff with a variety of weapons, and the thing to switch 'em was a 3x3 square grid, each marked with a letter, I think.

And in the beggining of the first stage, someone tells the main character that he “shouldn’t be out without a bodyguard”. And after you beat the stage, you’d have a choice of two bodyguards.

That’s all I can remember, sorry. Anyone know what this is?

I’ll take a guess, Is it Beyond Oasis? I am just guessing, but the damn bodyguard thing rings bells.

It’s not. I’m very fammiliar with Beyond Oasis. This game didn’t have any swords, or any melee weapons, for that matter.