Trying to find a good video card for under $200. Recommendations wanted.

I’m currently pissed off at my video situation, since I can run any game other than Neverwinter Nights at obscene framerates (We’re talking 150+ fps in UT2k4 for example, as compared with < 16 in NWN). Everything I have read points to a card with good directx 9 support as being the solution to my problem. I’m trying to get something that will serve me well for a while, without spending a gigantic sum.

Radeon 9600 Series.

Truest truth ever.

Radeon 9800 Pros and Geforce 6600 GTs are close to the $200 mark(You mean US dollars right?)

Yup, USD. Right now I’m hoping that I don’t have to replace my motherboard as well, because it may only support 1x agp. Sound is another issue, but SB Audigy 2 is only ~$70 and seems to be the preferred card for NWN. If I’d have known the upgrade spree it would have gotten me to stop putting off I might have just left Neverworking Nights on the shelf.

Just a note, 150 FPS is overkill, liteally. The eye percieves on average at 60 FPS, and if you get too high of a framerate, even 80, the monitor can’t keep up, and artifacting occurs, called vertical tearing. I’m assuming you meant 150 as in 150 at your current settings, and down to livable levels upon maxing out the graphics. Like, 1600x1200 resolution or so.

no, as in I max out the settings (except res, which I usually leave at 1024x768 out of habit) and average about 150 fps according to the game’s framerate tracking.

The main thing is that NWN pissed me off and I’m fucking tired of it not working.

You really start to notice it when it get’s below 20 FPS. Don’t worry to much if it is 50 FPS, it’s the UK TV Rate.

Some of my Older games regually max out at 30 particually duing FMVS…

You may want to check your AGP slot with a program like Everest or CPU-Z because I don’t think your FX 5500 could run on 1x. You might get better help by asking at the tech support forums for Neverwinter Nights if you haven’t already.

My point still stands that 70 FPS (to offer a ‘grace area’ for dropping) is all you should need, my point on Vertical Tearing still stands. Seriously, I don’t know where you get the idea that you need 150 FPS, that’ll actually screw you up in reality.

Besides, my Radeon 9800xt, which is a pro with twice the VRam, runs UT at best at 60 FPS.

For a benchmark, Halo on the Xbox runs at 30, half the ‘framerate of the eye’. Still looks good. Most console games keep in that range, too.

For the record, I’m not telling you to get a weak card, just that if you actively aim for 150 you’ll be screwed, and need to turn on Vertical Sync.

He never came across the idea that he needed to play games at 150 FPS. His main point was that his computer could run UT2k4 at high settings with high FPS but when he tried to play NWN he got a very low FPS.

no, as in I max out the settings (except res, which I usually leave at 1024x768 out of habit) and average about 150 fps according to the game’s framerate tracking.

And my point was that he’s off in thinking that he needs 150 for it to not piss him off. I guarantee that even the smoothest of game footage you have ever seen is not that high. In-game or prerecorded.

Edit: Okay, I just reread his first post. I am an ass, completely and utterly. Forgive me while I eject from this thread in dishonor.

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I’ve been dealing with the bioware boards for a while. They have no idea what’s going on and make excuses that don’t hold a drop of water given the age of the game. I mean there is no excuse for framerates of 10 fps or less in a game that was made to run on a 32 meg card and a sub GHz processor.

Gateway claims that my motherboard can handle 1x, 4x and 8x agp.