Trying to dual boot Ubuntu on my Windows XP box. GRUB can't find my Ubuntu partition

'm trying to dualboot Ubuntu on my Windows XP box. After installing it successfully I’m having issues with GRUB not wanting to boot Ubuntu, despite everything appearing to be set up correctly. @_@

I’m running 2 drives currently. One is just a data dump and grub calls it hd0. The other has 3 partitions, 1 big ntfs one with windows on it, 1 smaller one (ext3) with the AMD64 version of 6.10 on it, and the third is a 2 GB swap partitition. The installation went off without a hitch, beyond having to turn off a bunch of acpi stuff to get the installer to run and it locking up when I was told to remove the cd and hit enter after the install finished.

It looks like the ext3 partition and the swap partition are only visible in gparted. trying to root (hd1,1…n) fails, while root (hd1,0) finds the windows partition. @_@

It’s a pretty easy fix. You need to download a rescue disk and boot it and then mount /dev/hdb2 and chroot to it, and then load Grub and tell it that hd0 is /dev/hdb.[ul]
[li]mkdir /mnt/ubuntu[/li][li]chroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash[/li][li]grub --no-floppy[/li][li]device (hd0) /dev/hdb[/li][li]root (hd0,1)[/li][li]setup (hd0)[/li][li]quit[/li][li]exit[/li][li]umount /mnt/ubuntu[/li][*]reboot[/ul]Why on earth don’t you have the system disk as hda?

My bios decided that my data dump is the first hard disk and, since it has been full since long before the other drive was ever thought of and I wasn’t in the mood to play musical cables, it stuck.

Turns out all I needed to do was change my menu.lst to us hd0 for my ubuntu partition, which makes no sense in the context of all other config files but somehow works.