Try this

<a href = “”>It’s addicting</a>

No looking up the answers >:(

This game makes me want to play RO!

Everything makes you want to play RO >:(

No, I beg to differ…it’s addictive.


This is pretty cool

Hi Tril!

I refuse to fall into that timesucker. Say, could the next answer be …

Grah! My brain hurts :frowning:

it’s awesome. my only problem is, I often forget the names for some of the shapes. Took me AGES to figure out trapezoid.



Got stuck on level thirty something.


level 55 for me. No idea what I’m supposed to call it.

55 is an envelope

…I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of statement there, about why I didn’t recognize it. But oh well. THanks.

I guess you could say… Val couldn’t mail it in.

Ha ha ha.

I know you hear this all the time, but you win for that one.

And now I’m stuck on 62. I know that shape, but I’ve tried every word I can think of that fits it… even the obscure japanese words, like magatama and crap!

I think you’re trying too hard for that one… the two ends are pointier than you think.

I’m stuck on 27. For the life of me I just can’t picture what it’s supposed to be.

It always amuses me how many people don’t think in terms of alphabetically.

And I still never got 62. I AM thinking too hard on this, and I know I’m gonna kick myself when someone gives me the answer…

Val and Lex the Cheshire Cat grins widely at the sight of the two of you kicking yourselves over these shapes. :ulty:

Fuck you, Killmore, okay? I know I’m retarded, so if you have the answer, just fucking say it out loud.

What Val said. Only more fuck.