Truth about U.S. and the world

This will be political.

These two websites will explain the truth about what is really happening in the United States and in our world. These websites should be viewed by anti-Bush, pro-Bush, and everyone else. This is very important. The message needs to be spread!

These websites belong to Alex Jones. They present the truth, and news that you will not hear on the news, or even some Internet sites. This man has movies out that go further than Michael Moore’s half-truths in Fahrenheit 9/11. Michael Moore has many right ideas, but he doesn’t present them correctly.

I highly suggest that these websites be looked at by all, because the truth is something everyone should know.

Prison Planet

Info Wars

I was referred to these websites. The person that told me about these sites said that being halfway patriotic, he felt physically sick after viewing the videos, documentaries, and articles here. These websites speak the truth, and the truth can be scary and wrong.

Really, check this out.

P.S. This guy and his sites seem crazy and unbelieveable at first glance, but if you do give him time, check his stuff out, and give a chance to what he says, you might just find it doesn’t sound unbelieveable.

If anything, Deus Ex taught me that conspiracies are very much so real and alive all around us.


I like Alex Jones a lot. He presents very good information. He is the same person that did 911 Road to tyranny. He does seem very unbiased which is what makes em like him.

Thanks for posting the sites. Wow, he has a ton of information.

Yeah, at first he does seem a bit crazy and sort of liek “yeah right”, but it becomes mroe believable as you read and listen on.

Yes. You can buy that movie, his book, some of his other movies, some movies he recommends, etc. thorugh these sites, but I think especially through . I plan on buying 9/11: the road to tyranny, all 3 police state movies (2000, the takeover, and total enslavement), Masters of Terror, and Matrix of Evil. Youre welcome for the sites. He really does have a lot of eye-opening information.

P.S. While you can buy the videos, you can also download numerous segments from it also.

That will always fucking haunt my nightmares, seriously, when I first found one of those messages on Deus Ex it was one of the scariest moments I had playing a game.

Uhm, I don’t mind the spoilers, Urk, so explain why?

H8 no, H9!!! H9 GM!!! and you asked urk, so he can explain :smiley: