True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories

I can only do five pics at a time… shit. I spent so long working on this… this thread wont get off the ground until I post people other people actually care about.

Hey, Charlie’s back! Welcome, Charl. Feeling better?

Hey, thanks for the pics, I’ve never seen most of them. Don’t expect me to post my ugly mug again, though. The Net has suffered enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cybercompost = Rountree

No clue what happened to Dalton and GSM, funny how you don’t think about these things…

Xelo probably got bored?

Crono and Info are definitely still around, and Zeppelin gives us periodic reports on how much ass he’s getting in China, as well as sociopolitical gossip. Info is kinda busy impregnating women across time-space boundaries.

I wonder how Eva is doing nowadays:

I’m Cybercompost. And that’s a really, really old picture of me. o_O

From the chat-

17:04 +Charlemagne: all these pics really make you think
17:04 +Charlemagne: do you really want to be one of these people?

Well it’s just the tip of the iceberg, GG. There is even wierder freaks to come.

You just reminded me of torpedo_girl and zombie_girl. Hahahaha.

I’ve wondered about Perc myself. I wanna know where the hell Dragon Ninja and Black Ninja are at now.

I hope you have a picture of me

Ramza’s face looks like Nebraska. Or is that Setz?

Sheesh, that picture of me is ancient. And it’s not that good a picture, either.

Ahaha, this is pretty interesting, actually.

I miss Percival. Shal and Dragon God and MegamanX2K are still occasionally on IM.

Merc’s BLACK :open_mouth: