True Majority

Not really as simple as he says- but still makes good points


I get a 404.

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I get a 404.

You shall no more.

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You shall no more.

Our prayers are answered!

Wow…this is definately interesting. Never have our country’s problems been explained in such a delicious way. :hahaha;

That thing actually made sense in a close-down-to-earth way that it actually might get your average couch slob to do something.

The majority of links in this thread are 404

Your brain is one big 404.

Awesome, I have to show this to everyone x.x

It is all you need to make sense.

I would sign up, but there’s no country tag.

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I would sign up, but there’s no country tag.

That really sucks… I might write them an e-mail informing them of this.

Signed up for it, though I withheld my email address for security purposes*, my real address should be proof enough.

*Security Purposes: AKA Spam protection

Works for me, cookies and ice cream. Too bad I’m not American enough to sign up.

And yes, Bush looks like an elf, explaining his stupidity perhaps.