True Love

Alright, so I’m in the day after you first see Ryoko without her glasses. What should I do to meet her again? I already finished the game with Chiemi, Mikae and Remi and hadn’t met Ryoko after her 2nd school day in none of the three times I finished.

Uhm… Ren I don’t think this is the best place to ask for help in a game like that ¬_¬

Why? TL owns :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> Guh, I could never get that game working. Stupid thing. It seemed like a good one too.

… You know I really should close this thread but I gotta say I wanna see who will say what 8P. I’m curious. Though in some ways I’m not… o_O. And also thwaps TD
Usually I’d say “where do you people get this shit” but that’s not too euhm…appropriate considering forum rules. In any case, keep the thread clean.

Eh, a game’s a game Sin. Just because he asked for help with a hentai game doesn’t mean it has to be closed.

I’m gonna put the moves on someone else while I wait for an answer.

Dammit, I need to know hot to get to Ryoko… that kind of fantasy involving celebs you see..

I put it into spoilers because most people who play it never even realize she’s it. There is an event before july vacations that helps you to find it out.

A quick search of GameFAQs usually always brings up something that is helpful. I don’t know why some of you people don’t look through GameFAQs first if you can’t find it here.

Gee, thanks. Next time I’ll go there before coming here.

Maybe they don’t want other stuff spoiled? Whenever you go to GameFAQs, you risk doing that. Here, you can just ask your question and get it answered without that problem.

Well, depending on what your asking, there’s a lower chance of spoilers.

<img src=“”> Man Sin, f00. Some of these kind of games don’t have 5 different kinds of orgies in the game, but are rather clean :stuck_out_tongue: I just find it fun to screw around with the choices, and see if I can’t get myself killed.

The only ones I’ve played in which you may die are 3 Sisters’ History (one of the best) and Mad Paradoxx (an horrible game, don’t ever try it). You may get yourself way screwed (not in the sexual way) in most other games, though.

Oh Man, Paradox SUCKED. I’ve seen Teletubies episodes with better plot than that.

The one that rocks is Knights of Xentar (Dragon Knight 4). I have even talked to girls that played it and liked it just because it’s so damn funny :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> Eh, I don’t know about Three Sister’s Story. The whole thing was kinda “pick every option 5 times, then move along a preset road.” and there were only a few story branchings. I didn’t like it all that much.

Season of Sakura kicks ass, tough. There is very little nudity etc, only at the end of the game (it’s a really long game), the characters are fun, and you end up in all kinds of crazy shit. A few people seem to be copied directly from Evangelion, tough :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually they stole from Evangelion, Magic Knight Rayheart, Saint Tail and there is even a cameo from a girl in Runaway City (The other game from the trilogy).

I played LesRing attracted by all the catfight things but it ends up being a real poor game. Poor graphics, poor plot, poor sound… DOn’t try it.

Ace of Spades is short. You can do it in one or two hours if you take your time. Good graphics, but no actual plot except that you’re a girl betting yourself in poker & blackjack games in a whorehouse.

I never played Paradise Heights. Gonna be the next one after I finish True Love a few more times.

This is so fucking funny 8P

<img src=“”> I can imagine :stuck_out_tongue: