TRT Halloween 2004 - the Thread

<img src=“”> I have finished TRT’s second Halloween episode, even so this one happens in a different storyline as last years. I hpoe you guys like it, as I make sure everyone who wanted in the episode got do something, like fight a monster. Have fun and happy Halloween.

Wow, that is an interesting sprite of me. I’m gonna be saving that fro when I need to do a “Id, ego, superego” bit someday. otherwise, good story, Rirse. As good as you can ever do, at least.

Cool! I’m cute!

Interesting as always, Rirsey.

Nice Rirse.

That was awesome, I loved my role.

EDIT: How come I am not in the One Shot Cast list? ;_;

Thanks from both me and uncle Wil for including us, Rirse! It was very fun! I loved my sprite so much, I’m going to save it for future use! Thanks for making it for me!! :biggrin:

Heh, thanks for the cameo Rirse, I like how you got my dialogue. My congrats on a job well done.

And, Val, you don’t need a third sprite. All you have is an ego and a superego.

Awesome, Rirsey. :slight_smile:

I like charl’s sprite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Chibi-ego and superego, I’d say … Oh, and Rirse, you should’ve had me saying “TETSUOOOOO!!!” as I fired the cannon.

Thanks for using me, Makko, and my movie monsters suggestion, Rirse. It was fun. :cool:

Channling MP to Fire Caster of Pink Power Ranger… Great Work! It look better than one of my post. (Siggied TRT). But I Think those Mudslide are great…

There one Teeny problem… I can’t ‘Cast’ elemental magic normally, not unless I have some equipment to do it for me, Such as The Arm pieces of the Pink Ranger Suit. (Certain Wind and poison spells I know. Still Fire is better Flame Thrower when High on/off Mud Slides.)

There a Delayed TRT/FARTS/SAY type thingy in the works, Which is Set before and After (but not During TRT Halloween 04).

Big Nutter
Great Job… Rirse!!!

Whoo whoo. Nice as always. <3

But I was against Jason. And I love Jason. And Jason doesn’t die. But still rockin’.

He’s probably not dead now. He’s just restin’.