I only just saw this movie for the first time yesterday, and all I can say is… wow. How does this exist? It’s not bad, it’s just so goddamn weird, I’m wondering who thought it could possibly be successful, who gave it the green light, who actually went and saw it in theaters, how is it so big? I kind of liked it in a twisted way, but seriously… it just doesn’t seem like a commercially VIABLE movie. My mind is just blown that it ever came to be :stuck_out_tongue: What a film.

Oh that Tron… not this Tron.

I don’t know who that is but I already want to piss in his face :smiley:

Tron is one of my favorite movies. Whenever people ask me what my favorite kind of car is, I say I hate cars and would rather have a light cycle.

I Think that is Dave Chapelle, or maybe Eddy Murphy, I don’t know they all look the same to me.

That’s Dave Chappelle. who doesn’t look like Eddie Murphy.

What is with all of these racisty comments GSG? Seriously.

Just because I find the word/words/phrase ‘sandnigger/sand nigger’ to be funny(in how bluntly ignorant and racist it is, something I probably should have mentioned sooner), and find that most black people(well as far a celebs go, I don’t know many IRL) look similar, doesn’t mean I’m a racist. If it does, I have nothing against blacks or any other skin colour for that matter.

Anyhoo, to answer your question more directly , the situations have been coming up lately. And to be honest, white people look pretty much the same as well.

If you have to say you’re not racist you probably are.

TRON was indeed a wacky idea for a movie, but the thing is, it worked, even with the FX they had in its time. The fact it is still watchable today (and not in a MST3000 way) is proof of it.

“FX they had in its time.” Can you hear yourselves talk? These effects were decades before their time. And although it is a bit of a crazy idea for a movie. It is a brilliant masterpeice that has stood the test of time.

I really wished they’d left Tron out of KH2. It wasn’t a bad world, and they integrated it into the setting as well as I could imagine, but it still felt so incredibly out of place.

Are you kidding? I await the day that KH3 has Space Mountain as one of it’s worlds.

I’d bet my left cock this little piece of advice was originally said by an angry retarded black woman trying to get something she wasn’t entitled to. Just saying.

That “Tron” is a character from a Dave Chapelle skit.

Yes, the original movie tron was cool when I was a kid.

Speaking of Eddie Murphy, he may not be on the show but his older brother is.

Tron was actually the fist movie to have extensive usage of CGI (computer generatad imagery). Very important step in that field.


Also Tron is cool but I can barely remember it. I saw it when I was much younger.

Hades isn’t a racist just because when he sees a black person walking down the street he automatically thinks that person is a shithead.

I’ve never seen the movie.
My dad saw it when it first came out, he didn’t like it that much. The cgi wasn’t really advanced for its time; it had already been done with Star Wars was his comment.

Their blackness is coincidental. Racism is hating people for being a certain race. I just hate people who are shitheads, which a good 6 or 7 out of 10 black people coincidentally happen to very conspicuously be.

I agree with Hades statistically. The general population of black people in America that I have seen and met (Boston mostly) acted like idiots and assholes.

Edit: But I actually felt less threatened walking in black neighborhoods over ones that were run down with white guys. Maybe it’s just Boston.

Edit: But Boston still kicks ass.

Edit: This thread is a pile of shit.

That isn’t helping.

Anyways, to get back on topic, I can’t believe how so few of you watched Tron. o.0

I mean, any movie that can portray a Frisbee as a lethal weapon is automatically awesome.