Tron multiplayer

I’ve heard there’s a hack for the new Tron demo that allowed you to play the Lightbikes levels over the net, sintead of just a LAN. HAs anyone else heard of it, or managed to find it? Likebikes are cool…

Really? I hadn’t heard that.

I just really hope it isn’t bull. Tron 2.0 looks like it’s going to rule when it’s released.

I saw it just in the store yesterday here in Michigan so it is out I think. Also meaning to ask this of people do you know where i can find a cool avatar of ramza this one kind of sucks. Thanks if you can help.

Ramza? What game is he from?

He is the main character of final fantasy tactics. I just wanted a better picture than the one that the site had.

err, here’s one.

You could always try the Google image searcher. It’s where I get that.