Tron: Legacy

Cool trailer here:

I’m somewhat ambivalent towards the film. I never cared much for the first though I must admit it was original for its day. But how many cyberspace/being sucked into a game stories have we had since then?

That said, the graphics look cool. But I want to learn more about the film than “the original protagonist’s son is looking for him”.

The original film turned me christian for a while.

Heh, the “Users are God” angle was amusing back then, but I think they might do something more significant with it this time. Reminds me of how in Kid Radd, the game characters thought the humans were mysterious gods who abused them for no reason… of course finding out that their suffering was just for our amusement didn’t sit well with them either. Ditto in Reboot, though I don’t they ever directly spoke with humans.

Actually in Reboot, they were humans. The show was based off of 16th Century Hungarian city life. Not a lot of people catch onto that.