Tron 2.0

Well I downloaded the ISO and the is awesome =)

here’s the Tron 2.0 website:

Yes, this game does indeed rawk.
I want to ride my lightcycle

If only I was old enough for Tron 2.0 to be nostalgic

i played the demo, but i couldnt control where i was going. i always ended up running into my own line. W. mind you, i 'm no good at playing snake either on my phone

the camera angle for some reason really messes me up.

Bought the game yesterday. Am entranced. So colourful, so bright, so genius.

In the future, everyone will wear clothes with glowing seams.

Did anyone see that movie Tron?-Homer

I saw it, it was cool. The game looks much better. Even the site music is cool. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Im buying it.

Bah! The only Tron game i will EVER play is the Tron Arcade game, that had black lights built right into the joystick. It is truly a wonderful game, allthough i could never get past the tank level…

Mage, last time you played Tron, you sucked it up repeatadly, and said that it was a piece of crap. You threatened to steal the arcade machine and break it. Then you sucked it up on the Metal Slug Machine. You’re lucky I let you play games at the Arcade!