Yeah, they’re really getting out of control, don’t you think?

I mean, look at that hair! That shit’s gotta cause riots or something.

(I used to have that multicolored-haired one, until someone stole it. I used to have a big plush one with purple hair too. I never got one with a wish-jewel thing though, no matter how much I begged my parents. :frowning: If only I could have had one wish Troll, everything could’ve turned out differently. SIGH.)

This reminds me of those Troll spinoff toys called Stone Protectors. I loved those guys.

I was always freaked out by these things. Maybe it’s the wide-open shiny eyes staring at me while I sleep :open_mouth:

Those guys rocked.

You know that they made an SNES Beat-'em-up based off it? Wasn’t too bad, to tell the truth.

Maybe because they’re naked and have small beady little eyes and are very likely to be sexually confused and frustarted?

I have one of those somewhere, but unlike you I’ve had the decency to make him some clothes. I’ve even made him a trolly looking pipe. You should treat your trolls better, they’re probably freezing.

They’re naked, but they don’t have any sex organs!

Now that you put it like that it does seem rather evident, yes.

Uh…I guess sexually frustrated trolls go around with pencils up their arses? Maybe they are anal-retentive, or something.

Yeah, I had one of those. :stuck_out_tongue: He had purple hair, I think. I don’t remember and it’s not very important. I actually always thought trolls were damned ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

They were…but the hair was fun to play with. ^^

Thats not a real troll as trolls don’t exist.

But guh, those damn little trolls are scary.

Trolls aren’t scary. They’re just dolls with colors and long hair. They were cool a long time ago.

Trolls cant get out of hand seeing as how they havent really been around for 10 years.

Do these trolls have dermal armor or Regeneration, a nasty level adjustment or require burning a c priority?


Don’t necropost. Especially not five year old threads.