Trolling (READ THIS)

I see it hasn’t been added tothe rules, but it has been brought up a lot. There is to be no trolling on this Message Board. An example of trolling is:

Say some kid makes a SaGa Frontier thread asking if so and so likes SaGa Frontier, and someone comes in and replies “SaGa FRONTIER SUCKS AND YOU SUCK FOR LIKING IT AHAHAHA” that, is trolling.

A more recent example is Mr. Scias’s girlfriend thread. A lot of people came in just to say shit to him.

I don’t know how much my fellow mods will back me up on this, but I for one will start cracking down much harder on people who do this from now on. Our community is supposed to be a welcoming, nice community. When you pull crap like that, you not only serve to lower that image, but you make yourself look stupid and immature. You might not get along with everyone, or agree with everyone everything says, but you look like a total asshole when you go out of your way just to express your distaste for someone or something. There’s a time and place to state opinion, and it doesn’t happen to be when or wherever you feel like it.

Learn some civil discourse kids. No one made those fat ladies eat at Mcdonalds, NO ONE IS MAKING YOU READ THOSE THREADS. Cut the shit out, and grow up. That’s all.

  • Please don’t spam. We define spam as, “Any overuse of a topic, or posting the same thread(s) repetitively while consistently talking about very similar subjects with little variety nor discussion-depth in both your thread and the thread’s replies.” An example would be things like, “What is your favorite FF game?” where there is little discussion to be had and the thread itself is not very deep. Trust us, we’ve all seen those threads 38 times already :stuck_out_tongue: <b>Also, don’t create threads or posts with the sole aim of insulting the subject or to generally cause trouble. That’s called ‘trolling’ and we don’t condone it. </b>

What he said.

I agree, and while civil thoughtful disagreement with something is perfectly fine (like if you say, “I didn’t care for SaGa Frontier because I didn’t like the storyline and characters.”), random or uninsightful badmouthing is not to be tolerated.