TrkJac's Pictures

I’m board alot and I draw when I’m bored. Outcome is my skillage.
Please critisize or congragulate. On the art, that is.

Those are great.

Thank you.

The Spidey, Vegitto, and Auron pictures are the best. The rest just look…weird. Good work, though.

I really like the ones of Vegito and Auron, esspecially Auron. I like the one of Gohan too, but the face looks a little unusual.

Laguna’s hair looks a bit off on the left side of the drawing, if you can see what I mean. Other than that it’s pretty good.

That final image just made me laugh, I think it was the “Slice!” that did it, either that or I’m a little tired.

Oh yeah, the Spidey looks good too, although, he looks a little hunched.

Anyhoo, nice work :stuck_out_tongue:

We have an art thread


Spidey’s dcent; could use some better anatomy
Vegito’s good but doesn’t really look like Vegito; looks more like Goku than he should; I think you can easily fix this by adjusting the eyes a bit
Gohan’s pretty good; same deal with anatomy
Squall looks kinda like a blurry mess
Laguna’s face is pretty messed
Auron’s really good even though the pose is copied but the scan quality seems pretty poor
Zell would be better if you could tell what was happening amid all the powering up or SSJ he’s doing
i shouldn’t have to comment on the last one; that one will only make people lose respect for you

aweome! I forgot to give you mine for the site. I will try to give it later!(self destructs from inneficiancy)“no wonder I only have several posts a day seeing as how I say this alot.”

Very good, Trk! Yeah, you need to work on the proportions of some, and to add perspective (some look kinda flat) but your capacity for detail and shading is great! :cool:

Thanls everyone.
My worst artistic abilities are in the face, specifically mouths, so that tends to mess up alot of my work.
Spidey IS hunched. He’s squatting and you hunch, when you squat, I guess.
Next time I draw Vegito, I’ll put more Vegita in him. See above face comment.
Gohan’s face might look wierd because I thought he might looks cool with a big “M” like tatoo over his eye. It didn’t turn out as great as I thought, but I still think it loks good.
Squall was something I did when I was in a hurry. I put it there by mistake, actually. I can’t see the thumbnails of the pictures when I’m copy/paste-ing the links.
Laguna-see face comment.
Auron is cool, but I forgot his alchohol jug.
Zell isn’t SSJ-ing or anything, he’s just in a dark room or something, in a posotion similiar to that when you lay your head down on your arms on a desk or something simliar.
Slash was inspired by the sudden “I’m terrible at ‘Paint’ so I’ll make a bad picture in for my avatar” movement.

Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming, and I’ll use all suggestions to improve myself.

You might wanna try posting these on the Gamefaqs Drawing and Graphics Boards. They’re usually a couple of people there that cna give you a decent critique (think I spelt that right).

Oh, but there are usually a couple of people that can give you a decent critique here as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Touche, evil anime ninja slut, touche…