Triple Triad

Anyways I got pretty into collecting cards in FF8. Anyone know approx. how long it’ll take me to get a full collection?

It takes hours just to do the CC Club, nevermind the Queen.
I have all but two cards, and the timer has already flipped over.

Damn. The card game is actually surprisingly entertaining for a simple-ish game.

Well, you can cut out a lot of the middleman by just doing the Card Club mini-quest. Then in Disc 4, you can get all the rare cards by just playing four or five people. :sunglasses: That saves a TON of time. Oh, and you can get them over and over again even after refining them. :sunglasses:

I used to do the cardgame thing the whole game. I loved it until the rules started mixing >< Grr but it was still fun and entertaining none the less.

It depends, but it usually takes a while. If you want to get them all, do all of the Card Quests. Getting all of the cards is VERY helpful later in the game. Using the card to item skill on the Gilgamesh card gives you ten Holy Wars. The Bahamut Card gives you 100 Megalixirs, too.

Not really sure how long it takes (since I never timed how long each game took/setting things up).

However if you need any help in your Card Quests, check out “Sister’s Card Game FAQ/Walkthrough”, on GameFAQs. It is actually very helpful.

The card quest is easy- peasy. One hour and you got it done if you know where everything is o_O Nio offense DP, but if you took THAT long you suck :stuck_out_tongue:
Cards are very useful, on the first CD already. Once you start playing FF8 you should get as many as possible, which is easy if you know how to do it. You just need to do a few simple things:

1.) Get yourself a few semi- good cards, then get the best cards you can get at the first CD, which would be quistis,the mogry- kid thingie (forgot how he’s called in english), efreet, cifer and xell.

2.) Go to the biatch at the balamb train station and play against her until she plays with the full- rule. You don’t need to spread the rule, just play ONCE against her when she has that rule and full is spread throughout Balamb :slight_smile:

3.) Do the CC- subquest ^.^ And oh yeah, if you have good cards, the full- rule is AWESOME. I got myself over 200 cards in no time. I suggest you play a little against the guy at the gate to balamb garden because he gives you a lot of WedgeBiggs- cards which you can transform into X- potions (very useful) and against the trepe- groupie in the class room. She gives you many Abyss- worms, and with quezacos thunder ability you can transform it into tornado quickly. Get 5 abyss- worms, transform them into tornado so squall or whoever has 100 tornados, set it on HP and voila, your life should be around 2000 :slight_smile: It’s not the best magic in the game, but one of the best at the beginning and so, very very useful.

Actually, I know quite a lot about FF8 :o
Ciddyyy, can I remake the FF8- shrine? :smiley:

is there anyways I can stop the Random rule in certain areas?

Uhm, later, MUCH later in the game- or at least when you beat the card queen- you can ask her to change some rules in certain areas. But for now, just don’t play random against other people so you dont spread the rule. Then random appears, hit escape and try again, maybe the person wont play random against you all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
But for now, if random is spread, you’re screwed. Just don’t play. And if you HAVE to play, then change all your bad cards into Items so you just get your good cards into your hand :smiley:

Geting doomtrain is the DEVOL when you only win cards you capture.

Originally posted by YourWorstEnemy
is there anyways I can stop the Random rule in certain areas?

Yes there is a way. Well basically you need to save before do this, now you need to get it abolished, and to do this is to have a rule that the area does not have a to challenge a person in the ‘random’ area, but not play them. They will do one of a few things:.[list=1]
[/li][li]spread your rule
[/li][li]abolish another rule
[/li][li]abolish random
If 1-3 happens then reload, and keep trying until 4 happens.Then just repeat for the other areas.

For a better explaination of how to do it, then read “Sister’s Card Game FAQ/Walkthrough” on GameFAQs. It goes over every little part of the Card Game, and how to master it

I am so sorry >< I screwed up ><
There IS a way to erase ALL rules in Balamb, in case you screw up. Sorry, was late when I wrote my last post, forgot about it ^^;
Umm, you know where the docks in Balamb are? There should be a man near therewho’s crouching at the water somewhere. If the open rule is the ONLY rule you have spread in balamb, he wont be there though. If he is, and you spread random accidently (re-enter the town a few times if he isnt there anyway) , play cards with him and ALL rules in balamb will be erased, including open. (I never use that though, because then I have to get full again :P)
Just next time, you see someone who wants to play random, press ESCAPE. And try again until he does NOT want to play random anymore so you dont spread it. Thx.