Triple Alliance

Ganon, Palpatine, and Dhoul Magus form a triple alliance in the Warhammer Fantasy world.(or any fantasy world)

Assuming they can all teach magic to followers and raise armies, how dangerous would they be?

Umm, so wait, is this going to be a story? I’m confused. Anyway, I really doubt Ganon would do along with something like this. Ganon is a bit too much of a power player. While Palpatine and DHoulmagus might suffer a temporary alliance, Ganon is too used to being in charge. He rules his minions with an iron fist of death. And he doesn’t seem the sort to see others as his equals, so to speak.

Mmm, iron fist of death. Dangerous to whom? And what is a metric of danger?

Besides your forgetting that Dhoulmagus was himself a tool for Rathorne (not sure of spelling here). Plus Jedi mind tricks don’t really go hand in hand with magic in general (there’s only so much one can destroy with lightning bolts).