are fascinating.

Screw Trilobites man, anemones are where it’s at.

But can anemones see things a mile away as vividly as you can see your hand 5 cm away? Trilobites can.

They can? Cool.

Cats are better!

By the way…YAY! RANDOMICY!

I liked your Picolo avatar much, much more.
Your new one, looks like my pet roach.

If Trilobites are so great, how come they’re all dead?

You’d be dead too if you had to survive a meteor, an ice age, <strike>and a global flood</strike>, and were 540 million years old!

Scratch flood. They were sea-dwelling >>; I forgot >>;;

Yeah well anemones went through all that. Did they give up? Fuck no.

They died because they took their eyes off the prize.

Sounds like Trilobites are nature’s quiters

Jellyfish rule trilobites!

Trilobites are the Wisconsin State Fossil.

Squid rule all, and as shown by that silly show that attempted to predict the future evolution, The Future is Wild , will one day rule Earth. So bow down to the squid with their freakin awesome soccer ball eyes, camouflage, and smashing tentacles. :ulty:

Yeah. Tribolites are fucking pussies.

Meh, if the world were to be annihilated by a nuclear attack, the cockroaches would inherit the Earth, as they have the ability to survive a nuclear attack/fallout.

Trilobites sure didn’t have that much of a good vision, Hades, specially since they must’ve lived in waters that weren’t so clear.

Now, OWLS have got the real ultimate power. They are the most efficient, most silent predators and the ears of a ghost owl are pratically a passive sonar. And they are creatures of the night, so they r0rr0x you.

Yeah, but everyone knows that owls are assholes.

Owls are known for they suprior intelligence, and when an intelligent being has to dwell among less intelligent beings, it will get annoyed and ocasionally behave in unfriendly manners towards his neighbours. But that happens in the human species too, so the owls are not to be ill-looked at just because of that.

Trilobites look like a Rolly Polly bugs on steroids. The only thing I can think of that is similar are Horseshow crabs, but they’re not directly related. Eh, they’re all Arthropods, anyway.