Happy Valentines Day… ^.~


And it ain’t Izlude.

That kid in the heart looks like…Chucky from the Child’s Play movies.

Noes! I just wanted to wish her a happy-v-day… In a way that I figured she’d find amusing.

<this is Izlude trying to be smooth>

Uh huh. Sex-crazed pervert. At this rate, even Cammy’s going to dump you.

Cammy will never leave me…! Don’t you dare say such horrible things!

Bwahaha, that’s cute. :stuck_out_tongue:

blush You think so…?


Oh shit man, she just gave her consent! Move in for the kill Izlude!

consent? consent for wha–oh. No. NO. O.o;

runs far, far away

That means she likes you! Run Izlude, run!

I can take a hint…

I know she isnt interested…

chases with insane glee

No no no. See, The Thrilla, this Valentines isn’t for you. It’s for Trillian THE PROGRAM. See, Izzy loves his weird IRC/IM program amalgam.

What a perv.

What’s not to love about being on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! at the same time?

This is interesting.

Well, not kill, but a li’l hot nookie, pinch n’ squeel if you know what I mean, you silly guys.

((some bizarre prize to whoever can give the reference))

Yeah, well, I like Trillian and all, but not like THAT, see.