*tries to stop laughing*

I finally got “The Madness of King Graham” in KQ2VGA. And it’s just THAT hilarious! Granted, you might have had some experience in the series, but it was still great!

In the scene, where Graham is about to knight Connor from KQ8, he tells Connor that before he can become a knight, he has to slay the most hideous of beasts. Connor asks if it’s a dragon, but Graham tells him that it’s worse than that. Connor next asks if it’s a three-horned beast from the southern plains, only to learn that it’s even more woeful than that. Finally, he asks if it’s a flesh-burrowing giant scorpion, but Graham says that it’s different (even though it does get under your skin). At last, Connor asks what it is. Cedric the Owl from KQ5 then flies in. Graham points at the owl and screams, “THAT!” He then grabs his sword and charges at Cedric. The two go running out of the castle, while Connor and everyone else inside is left speechless.

Phew! That was long!

Ok by KQ do you mean King’s Quest?

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Ok by KQ do you mean King’s Quest?

Yes. Is there a problem with that?

That’s…interesting, to say the least. :slight_smile:

Yes- I laughed out loud at that part. :slight_smile:

I was asking just to make sure. The only King’s Quest I’ve played is 6.

The only King’s Quest I played is 1. And I didn’t even play it through (am stuck somewhere). And until now I haven’t found a walkthrough for it…:thud:

That wasen’t funny :X

Bah… heretics.

Hey, d, where can I get this game?

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Hey, d, where can I get this game?

Download it from Tierra Entertainment’s website:


Oh, and here’s how to get the thing in case you like the game enough to want to earn it:

When the Cloud Spirit tests you, choose “Sacrificial Lamb” as your answer to the first situation, and “Severing the Bloodline” for the second one. If you did this, then when the third question comes along, you’ll have “The Madness of King Graham”.