Traumatic experience...

Ok, so, I was workin’ at my hellish job at Mc Shits (to the uninformed replace the shits with donald’s) and for the second time in a row a little girl came in and barfed. The first time she barfed was with her dad and the dad was smart enough to let her barf on the floor. Easier to clean up that way…this time she was with her mom…whole other story.

So the girl is like “I gotta barf, mommy.” and the moms all “OH NOEZ! BARF!” so she grabs the food tray they got their meal on and holds it under the girl’s mouth. The girl barfs all over it and the mother then FREAKS out and starts running around the restaurant like a chicken with it’s head cut off…until the girl sees me. I was in the middle of changing the garbage when this happened and the girl then tries to dump the barf into the trash can. THe mother stops her and so I had stinky, warm, soupy puke waved in my face. GROSS.

Now, by the time they reach the washroom the entire staff is grossed out and I’m starting to think the mother is either emotionally, or mentally retarded. Maybe both, my thoughts were confirmed when she comes by the counter and says “I think the toilet is going to overflow.” So I’m like “How?” “I was cleaning the vomit and I threw the whole roll of paper towels down the toilet to make sure I got it all.” so the toilet clogged, there was barf ALL OVER THE WASHROOM and my manager asks me to clean it. So I paid another worker 5 bucks to clean it for me.

I’m severely traumatized at this point when the guy I paid to clean it comes back with the tray. My manager tells me to clean it and reuse it and we were like “Hell no.” and we smashed it…so yeah…EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

My brother was working at a grocery store one time, and the manager told him to clean the women’s restroom. So he goes in there, nearly passing out from the smell, and as he opens a stall it looked like, as he said, “someone’s ass had exploded, everywhere”. There was literally feces everywhere, on the toilet, on the wall, the stall door, everywhere. Needless to say, the smell was overpowering and he ran as fast as he could out of that restroom. He still had to clean it.

My sis threw up at McDs a few times in her life, too.

I can’t imagine why.

>.> Oh! Umm… yes… of COURSE it’s unexplainable why everyone throws up when they eat McDonalds.

…Totally inexplicable. <.<


Just another reason I’ll never eat at McDonald’s again.

I’m surprised the manager didn’t try to re-use the girl’s Happy Meal.

If that’s not grounds for going postal, I don’t know what is. If they’re in there again, just take sickleave. >_>

Totally. Fucking. Amazing. My sympathy for you goes deeper than you know.

I am impressed. I REALLY am. I mean. Wow. Holy fucking shit. LOL. God , I feel for you man. I really do.


Ok, now I must quote something one of my friends made up:

Little Girl: Mommy! Guess what!

Mom: What?

Little Girl: When I eat stuff from McDonald’s, and then I go to the bathroom, and eat my crap, it still tastes exactly the same!

Mom: 0-0

Once when I was sick I threw up at the top of a flight of stairs. My parents told me it was a bitch to clean up.

That’s no traumatic experience,that’s a freaking horror story,I feel for you man,I truly do.

I deja vu for you man, I really do.

They didnt even give you somthing for your pain?

I like how the parents keep taking her to McDonald’s, even though they know the food makes her sick… idiots.

I like how McDonald’s stays popular, even though their food is total crap and no one in their right mind should ever put such garbage in their bodies.

No, I actually hate that. Very much. If I could, I’d sink the McDonald’s empire myself.

Stories like this are probably fairly common.

All I will say is projectile menstruation + bathroom stalls.

Honestly, that woman deserved a whack on the head for being so stupid. And indeed, if the girl has already thrown up in there twice, then those morons should take her elsewhere. It’s always the same crap. People make a mess, and it’s up to the employees to clean it all up. And what’s the deal with restrooms anyway? Why the hell do people always get them as filthy as they can? They wouldn’t do all that crap in their own homes.

Dude don’t make ME throw up.

I should like to share a “funny” throwing up story to lighten the mood. I wasn’t there at the time, but my friend was, and his rendition was great.

So, I play Warcraft III, and my teammates and I use a voicechat program called Ventrilo when we play serious competitive games. One day Zahara was talking about something really, really wacky… something like “I was eating a caramel flan while frenching my partner” when he started chain-gun puking. And the mic was right near his mouth. The guy who was there, Drayven, says he sounded like “OH MY GOD IT’S EVERYWHER- BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” for about two minutes.

And even better, Drayven recreated the experience. He got a glass of water, filled up his mouth with the stuff, and started pretending to chain-gun vomit. I was choking on my drink with laughter while he did it.