Trauma Center: Under The Knife reprint

I told you fuckers. I TOLD YOU.

In case you’ve missed my semi-coherent ranting about this game, here’s the recap: this is one of the single greatest games out for the DS. You play a young doctor, and you operate on people, ranging from cleaning out glass shards to dismantling bombs to firing lasers at flesh-eating bacteriological weapons, all while your lovely assistant comments on your (lack of) mad cutting people up skills. The game is pretty much completely played with the touchscreen, and can get infuriatingly hard at some of the later levels. For example, I still haven’t cleared the first bonus mission you get after beating the game, and I beat the game 6 months ago.

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This is a must-have game if you own a DS, aren’t locked into playing nothing but platformers, RPGs and fighters, and would like some unique gameplay.

Also for Sin so he can comment on how un-realistic it is, but he doesn’t have a DS so yeah.

im gettin a DS 4 my birthday and this is one of the games im gettin with it

What happens if you, unintentionally of course, mess up?

Every level has a different event that happens. Usually someone calls you a noob and shoves you out of the way.

Sometimes the patient dies.

Sometimes YOU die.

You can try as often as you like, obviously.

Hm, I like the idea of being so bad you die. Justice for the doctor - oppressed.

On the point of trying as often as you like, I may begin an Iron Man game in a Fallout. The deal is, if your character dies, no load button may resurrect him. And try that in FO: Tactics… Plenty of time, sounds like a good idea.

This is one of my favorite DS games. It is very, very, very good. If you’re worried about the gameplay ever getting “boring”, trust me, its a different operation every single time, the game never gets tired, and at times its pretty challenging (DOCTOR REBALANCE THE WATER). Its one of the few games i booted and played straight through*.

*ok, this is a lie, but the point stands, its a fun game :]

Why does it say cadeceus many times on the police tape?

Part of the storyline.