Trapped In The Closet

Ya’ll need to see R. Kelly’s video, I mean, this stuff is just drama. Fo’ serious.

I’d cut down your volume first, his homepage has music.

It’s right here

Wow, these are pretty damn good. But an R&B star holding a gun is kind of… odd. But they’re great videos. I’d heard about them but I haven’t seen them - thanks man!

Its not letting me watch the videos, but I did listen to all 5 chapters of “Trapped In The Closet.” Not bad.

I was wondering about that myself. It seems like they just threw that in there to add some more drama so the other guy wouldn’t jump him or anything. They had Chapters 1 through 5 on BET two nights ago I think. Full videos I mean. They were really something; especially Episode 4, which had some, er, rather erotic stuff going on.

Woman: "I’m about to climax!"
R. Kelly: "Go ahead and climax!"

I totally dig it!

theres only 2 on the website though, right?

Yeah, that kind of sucks. They might put it on there later on though.

I saw 1-5 on BET the other night. Truely epic. There hasn’t been a video on this scale since Thriller.

I thought they were pretty goddamned stupid when I saw the first one, but that’s me…
I just don’t like R Kelly too much at all =\

nuf said

Guh… Those videos are not my thing :-/

Come out of the closet, Mullenkamp… You know you want to… You’ll be happier if you do…

Never heard of this guy, and frankly, I’m pissed I now know one more…


The ending in Chapter 4 (I think) is definetly worth some giggles.

… The rubber thing.

From that website I got to see chapters 1 and 2 i think, that’s some lame jerry springer crud. Otherwise he’s got a decent voice and the music’s all right at times. I liked that song “Step in the name of love” from a while ago.

He used to be decent back in the days of “The World’s Greatest”… and then it just kept going down hill.

Yeah, then he started peeing on minors.

Decent in “The Worlds Greatest”? That’s R Kelly sucking. He was great when he was real R&B and none of that “omgz need an orchestra for every song” like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “The Worlds Greatest”.

Those are the only R. Kelly songs I’ve ever really liked. I didn’t like the Step song though… it was catchy.

Hey everybody! They uploaded chapter three through five for your viewing pleasure!

So, Jenna for instance, can see my personal favorite video in the series so far, Chapter 4 now!