Well, here it is…

Another Normal Day

The birds were singing, the air was fresh, all was peaceful…everyone in the realm of Aetheria thought it as another normal day…

Well, all but one.

Zhou Yu had become accustomed to things going wrong on a constant basis. In fact, he found it quite unusual that nothing had happened today, even though it was late afternoon. “This isn’t right,” he said to himself. “No dragon attacks, no dark forces, no horrible mutations…”

The man was obviously bored.

He just sat in a field and wondered why everything had gone as it was supposed to. He sat there until nightfall…

“Maybe…this was just a normal day. Nothing was out of place at all. It just might stay this way from now on…”

As if in response, a portal suddenly opened in front of him. Zhou watched as it spat out someone he had never seen before.

She looked about 17, had green hair, and carried a mallet in one hand. “Who are you?” Zhou asked her.

“My name is Sapphire Falcon,” the girl replied. “Where am I?”

Truly another normal day…

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Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
[b]In a way, yes. But this’ll still be quite different…

And I’ll have the next part up hopefully later this morning(as it is morning here =P). [/b]

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I look forward to reading it, Zhou. It shows promise.


“You’re in Aetheria,” Zhou said.

“Aetheria…” Sapphire Falcon repeated. “How did I get here?”

“Through a transdimentional warp. They’re pretty common in some places, but in this realm, they’re not an everyday thing.” Zhou said as he took out a small, dark blue gem. “Usually, you need one of these to access such portals. Where are you from?”

“Some place called RPGClassics,” Sapphire told him.

“Well, this gem doesn’t quite go there, I’m afraid,” Zhou said. “I was planning on going to a different realm, though…feel like coming with?”


Zhou slammed the gem onto the ground, and as it broke, a large gate appeared in front of the two.

They stepped through it, Sapphire already thinking up ways of returning to RPGC, and Zhou wondering how long it’l be before he’s recognised by anyone.

They emerged in one of the larger, more well-known realms: Gaia.

“Hey, Zhou!” someone called from behind, and mere seconds after the two emerged. You’d think such things would surprise either of the two.

“So, you’re the first one to find us, GG Crono.” Zhou said.

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