is it just me or are they messing with transformers a bit too much now a days?i mean i still own the origional transformers movie and watching it,then watching some of the newer ones kinda makes me wana hit my head on a wall.

I still think Beast Wars was the best…

I think transformers are betetr than Beast Wars. I used to watch the TV show and I had some of the action figures that transformed (car, tank & bus)

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I still think Beast Wars was the best…

Dinobot r0xx0rd ALL the b0xx0rz.

beast wars was ok ish.but that wasn’t optimus,besides they didn’t have blur in that one and blur was the best.him and the dino bots

that and its not half those arent half as funny as the origional.youwatch that movie now and its so funny.some of them turn into raidos and stuff.i always thought it was funny that the bad guys turned into army stuff while the good guys where like semis and trucks and stuff like that.oh and a microscope.thats sad

“Me Grimlock not nice dino, me bash brains!”

Nuf said :stuck_out_tongue:

Gen 1 was the best, hands down.

The most hardcore Optimus Prime ever!

Damn his gun just sounds so beefy :stuck_out_tongue:

Beast Wars remains my favorite, and come the middle of August I’ll have the first season on DVD.