Transformers 2 ROTF

Okay. Clearly, there’s a lot of different opinions on whether the movie is worth watching or not, so I’ll ask this instead:

I never quite got into Transformers. At least, nothing like the original concept. I loved Beast Wars, and that was the only Transformers that hold nostalgia factor for me. Keeping this in mind, if I went to see this movie with only a little exposure to the original series, mostly from the animated 80’s movie, would I enjoy this movie still, if only for action’s sake?

The people who liked it will tell you Yes, and those who disliked it will tell you No.

I was kind of annoyed by the first movie’s failure to cater to my nostalgia, but once I looked past that… I still saw a decidedly mediocre film that I regret paying for. It’s pure dumb action, but since I didn’t like the characters much and ‘nothing but explosions’ is not the kind of stuff I appreciate, I just didn’t really give a shit. I can still see how some people could like it though.

The second one I watched while keeping my expectations as low as humanly possible. I really watched the thing expecting the film’s equivalent of Daikatana, and somehow, was still dissapointed. It’s one long, dragging, senseless, long, unfunny, incoherent, long, endless onslaught of horrible jokes, vapid characters and badly shot close-up action where you’re not quite sure what the hell is going on or who is punching who. And did I mention how LONG it is?

The more I reflect on the movie the worse it gets. I enjoyed watching it in the theatres, but now that I’ve had a couple weeks to watch other movies (especially Public Enemies), I see how poor of a movie it is.

I’ll throw this parody out there.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hear it essentially covers everything. (Though if you don’t want to be spoiled, and haven’t somehow yet, give it a pass until you see the movie itself).

When I see the name Shia LeBeouf I think of a Farsi speaking cow.

I thought the first movie was a steaming pile of shit. Chances are, I wouldn’t like this one either. There only seems to be two redeeming factors, and I can look at them in google images.