Transformers 2 ROTF

Has fucking Soundwave.



Why didn’t anyone make a thread about this? Did nobody else see it yet?


Now that I think about it the movie was pretty much that and explosions, the rest really didn’t make sense with the Primes using biblical references to point at where they hid the ALMIGHTY PLOT KERMAJIGGER. Oh and the badguy kind of blows. but who cares. Soundwave.

Megan’ fox still has a most excellent rack too, so bonus points there. Too bad of all people she has to kiss Shia LeDouche…

As much as I enjoyed the first one. This one was made up of unnecessary scene after scene. It was all fan service or filler. And I hated it.

They took the first movie and built up on its foundations. I don’t understand what all the critics are crapping their pants about. I thought the movie was mindless fun. The action and special effects were awesome, which they were supposed to be.

Dunno about you guys, but having seen the first movie in a theather , I found the second viewing on DVD a bit lacking - Maybe it’s just that HUGE FRICKIN’ ROBOTS WRECKING THE HECK OUT OF EACH OTHER works better on a huge screen…

Going to watch this next week, maybe?

Yeah seeing the 2nd movie on imax was a pretty big deal.

I don’t have immediate access to a theatre anymore, but chances are this one will be playing for awhile so I should get to see it eventually. If it has Soundwave, I’m tempted.

I really can’t stand TheBeef though, and I wish Hollywood would stop trying to convince us he’s actually a good actor, or at all likeable.

(The title of the movie totally needs an L word on the end though just so we can call it Transformers: ROTFL)

I enjoyed the movie. It’s not going to win any awards (except for special effects), but it was entertaining and the reason I see a movie is because I want to be entertained. There was a lovely explosion:attractive ladies ratio.

It’s hard to not think of Even Stevens when I see Shia LeBeouf, but he’s done a pretty decent job so far in films. From what I hear, it’s hard to go from TV to movies, let alone big pictures like Transformers and Indiana Jones.

Oh god!!! That’s him!?! o_0

It all makes sense now.

Saw it Saturday. It’s a good time. The dialogue is amusing.

Yeah, saw it a while ago. Overall the movie has some nice action scenes (which is pretty much what you’re expecting and the biggest reason to watch the film) although some were way too close up and way to fast.
And the Twins had some fun lines, but being the comic relief that was kinda expected.
(Oh, and Soundwave, of course.)

Overall I’d say that the movie is pretty much bordeline whether it’s worth watching on the big screen.
Sure, the action scenes are better that way, but the movie itself isn’t really THAT good, so you could just get the DVD and not miss out on a life-changing experience.

(Also, I’m gonna say the same thing I said when I saw the first movie, because they still haven’t fixed it:
Where the hell is Optimus’ laser axe? It was only the most badass weapon ever to appear in any Transformers movie/series. You suck. :/)

Are you referring to G1’s Ax-Hand or Animated’s Rocket Propelled Axe?

This is what I have to say about this.


Indiana Jones? Funny you should mention that, I heard it was a terrible movie.

i found it has too many robos most i could not name, like the one ravahe threw up, too long and the plot coulda been divided into 2 movies but it was good!

the big bad though did suck! he didnt eben transform!

Yeah, the film wasn’t that great. But pre-filming and pre-production the actors probably didn’t think that it wouldn’t so below the first 3 Indy films. If he did realize that it was going to be less than amazing, I think that’s pretty smart to use a film like Indiana Jones. The name alone was enough to draw mass populus and get them familiar with his face a screen larger than 16 inches.

The point is, I’ve heard that it’s difficult to go from TV to movies (Will Smith is the only other one that comes to mind right now), and that names like Transformers and Indiana Jones are pretty good for someone that hasn’t been doing it that long.

Even Stevens -> Holes -> Disturbia -> Transformers

It looks like pretty consistant growth there.

so true, shia is growing into a fine action actor! give him a few more years and he might completely rock.

on a different point, how does anyone think about a live action transformers television show, focusing on the pretenders?

A few days late but: SuperNews.

What the fuck did I just watch?

I know it was a Bay movie but… shit, this made Advent Children look like Macbeth. What the fuck was the point of… what the fuck was the point of ANYTHING? Why did they spent so much damn time on the humans? What the hell was it with the endless desert battle? Why the fuck were they even fighting half the time? Why were the twins given so much fucking screentime, all they did was mimicry Beavis and Butthead! And in the name of Unicron’s titanic metal testicles, WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT WITH THE FUCKING ROBOT HEAVEN!?

And why was it so damn LONG? It’s fucking TRANSFORMERS, the plot was never precisely stellar writing, how hard could it be to live up to it? I wasn’t asking for Beast Wars-level stuff, I would have settled for slightly worse than Beast Machines bullshit if it was pretty-looking enough. You need an assorted group of named Autobots and Decepticons, a ploy to take over either the world, the world’s energy supplies and/or whatever name they gave to the Matrix of Leadership here, some You Have Failed Me Yet Again Starscream and a token human crew to fall hostage and save. It’s not brain surgery, what the hell did they do?

This isn’t mindless fun, it’s just plain mindless. I couldn’t even tell what was happening during half those fights. I could let the first movie pass, but this is like an augmented version of all that was wrong with the first, minus the novelty.

I think Shia LeBuff (sp?) is just really annoying looking. I can’t stand to watch him. In anything. Except one movie where he played a retard that I had to watch in school. That at least had him being made fun of and being spit on.