Transformer the movie

Looks cool, but the decepticons look like something out of a terminator movie.

This movie looks like it took Terminator 2 except that they swaped transformers in the parts where one of the terminators would have been and called it a movie. This is going to be a disaster.:fungah:

This isn’t Transformers: The Movie. You fail.

I saw this ad on Rotten Tomatoes yesterday. I thought it looked pretty cool. Its pretty much what I expected the movie to be like. I mean, what the hell else could it be?

-“Mommy, a big robot just walked out of our swimming pool.”

-“That’s nice, dear.”


Well, at the least the SFX look impressive. But I doubt I will like the redesigns (was that Scorponok in the desert? Ugh) and let’s hope it has a good story too.

I’ll probably have to watch it just to say I watched it.

Not sure, what does Megatron turn into?

And how in the hell deep was that pool that a 'Con or a 'Bot could get into it all the way and out?!

The brief view of Optimus seemed fine, but the Decepticons had way too much barbed wire and spike stuff going on.

The heads of the Decepticons look like they were ripped from Gen. Grievous.

In the last scene where the robot climbs out of the pool, you can see the reflection of the water on the side. Something that big, if it was able to fit in there in the first place, would displace most of the water.

If they put a good story to this, which I must admit I’m doubting they have, but you never know they might have. This might turn otu to be pretty good.

Will just have to wait and see what happens. Oh well.

Why are you all saying its gonna be good? Michael Bay is directing it, plus its being produced by Don Murphy who already raped The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

There are just certain classic battles of good vs evil that must be played out on the screen. Is this bound for the Critereon Collection like Bay’s other films?

There was no movie of the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

2 + 2 = 5

Ignorance is Strength.

I have low expectations, though it’s possible the action and effects may be enough to make it somewhat good merely on that level. A good story would be nice though. Probably seeing it all the same.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie

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Flick looks freaking sick cant wait.

They say they’re going to use this movie to explain why the war began anyway.