Train rush kekekekekekekeke

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a fitting title.

Boom. 3000 dead. We need more Les… Vespene Gas, TD. Ghosts.

Quite… shocking.

“Train Go Boom” would have been a good subject.

:thud: Bad Bing!(well good pun :mwahaha: )

Train rush kekekekekekekeke is a great title for here. You just dont realize it yet.

Two major train crashes in a few months…sounds funky.

<No. I won’t.>

They said kim jong il’s train went right through the area where this happened only hours before.

Maybe it was an assination attempt? He was just coming back from a visit with china…

It would be as fun as you say if it weren’t for the deaths.

"The officials said the casualties were being taken to hospitals in the Chinese city of Dandong and other areas. "

Why are they taking the casualties to the hospitals? Have they found a way to cure death?

You try randomly storing 3000 corpses.

Casulaties falls under general injury, and even if they were taking the dead to the hopsital thats probably where the morgue is.

Ever wonder what god awful things they make that gross hospital food out of?

Now you know :stuck_out_tongue: