Tragedy - Earthquake followed by Tsunami in South & Southeastern Asia

Hades, normally the news sources of the specific country singles out their people, mainly to inform others who may have had friends or relatives going there. o.o
The numbers are still being corrected upwards… now they’ve found around 20,000 dead already, still counting, since corpses keep being washed ashore.
A few friends of mine wanted to spend Christmas in Malaysia, at the beach… I wonder if something happened to them?

I’m glad I don’t live near there.

I have a cousin who moved there about 2 years ago. He came to Brazil a few months ago so he’s escaped the disaster.

The current Death Toll is above 60 thousands. Nobody can know where it’ll end from now on.

I’d like to link to these two articles:

20-days-old baby saved by floating mattress

And THIS one scared me most

Earth’s axis wobbled a bit, plus with the tectonic plate movements a few islands moved about 60 feet from their former positions

I couldn’t find it in English, but in Portuguese I found news that the Italian Space Agency measured the change in Earth’s axis. From what I understood, the tip of the axis moved about 5 or 6 centimeters (a little more than 2 inches) on the poles. The axis moved towards the epicentre (the focus where the a quake starts) in Sumatra. However, this tilt is too small to have any effects on climate. It also didn’t have any effect towards the meridian of Greenwich, according to a scientist called Giuseppe Bianco. He’s known in the field of geodesics and says further analysis is being done.

It’s called Glocal News. You’ve got it everywhere, in Canada, in the UK, in Japan, in Norway; we’ve been having headlines like “Thirty thousand dead. Thirty Norwegian” all day. Us is more important than them, us sells more than them. It’s how news work.

:’( I feel sorry for the victims familys :frowning:

Unholy hell. o.o

In related news, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Petra Nemcova survives tidal wave. We may all now breathe a sigh of relief.

Well, thank God! If she’s alright, who needs those thousands of asians? [/cynicism and sarcasm]

scratches head About 40,000 corpses found up to now, over double as many deaths are expected since many people are still missing, there’s still a huge lack of food and drinking water and the risk of epidemics seems to be quite high. Still no sign of life from my friend. He better be alive or else I’ll kill that guy. >:o

Something like 77,000 dead now. It’s fucking nuts. A 9.0 earthquake is the largest ever recorded.

A 9.5 has been recorded once. It happened in Chile, and caused a Tsunami in Japan.

There’s been a quake in Lisboa, in the 18th century, that could have been bigger yet. And I think Krakatoa may have caused a shake that would be captured as a 10+ richter if there were a way to measure it back then.

I wish after this those countries create a tsunami alert system, just like the one used between Alaska and Hawaii.

Well they did know about the quake in advance, but the information transmission/ evacuation did not take place. Apparently the government was sloppy or something. The matter of guilt will most definitely be discussed, but I think right now they have worse problems to take care of.

This is the one think that strikes my heart the most. The dead have only to be disposed of by now. But the ones who survived, not only have to deal with the pain of losing their closest ones, most of them having lost their homes and jobs too, they also have to fight for their lives.

This girl, who doesn’t have even clothes to cover her body, I think she’s only 2 or 3 years old. The box that she’s trying to pull has food in it. You can see that she’s looking into the eyes of the adult who’s holding the box. I do hope and wish that whomever was with that box, took it there to give the little girl some of its content.

yeah, this whole thing is so fucked up. there really isn’t anything else to say I guess.

118,000 now. My guess is 160k easy.

(also I doubt Voltaire’s Lisbon earthquake was even close to a 9.5, if that was indeed the one that just hit. 9.5 is almost Biblical in proportion.)

For once, I’m very proud of my hometown. They decided to cancel the New Years firework show and send all the money for it to the needing in Asia instead. Apparently many other towns over here have come to similar decisions. It gives you some faith back in humanity, doesn’t it?

121,000 now. I’m actually surprised BUsh ahs pledged long term help to Asia. I’m glad he did, but we still can’t really afford it because of his past decisions.

My father decided to mobilize people, and starting today we’ll be talking to people we know in the church and air force, and we’ll make a campaign for people to donate blankets, clothes, food that stands long without rotting like rice etc.

I’m making a pamphlet with that photo I posted and the sayings “A human being just like you needs your help”. I’m confident I’ll get many people to help with it.

on (and I’m sure elsewhere) you can donate directly to the American Red Cross’s relief efforts over this thing without any money going to Amazon. I kicked in ten dollars.

They are accepting donations too. Also, the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Frontiers) are accepting donations at their site, though it’s kind hard to spot the link for it. It’s in the upper right corner of their main page.

This is terrible incident. However, the one good thing about natural disasters, is the fact that they manage to bring people together to help out others they have never even met, or even thought about if the disaster hadn’t occurred.

It’s like Weiila said, this sort of thing truly gives you faith in humanity.