I just had most moving experience back at a department store… I was walking in the pet section checking out some stuff, and then noted that the toy section was moved next to the pets section. So, I decide to make a quick stop in…

…The new Turtles toys… insert moment of nostalgia that lasted like, forever

Then I snapped out and checked the rest of the place out. Whoa wow. whee. Gee, kids these days get a lot more cooler toys than I ever did. I’ll break soon and get me a Leonardo/Donatello to stand next to my red Bionicle and the Digi Charat figures…

And then the idea hit me. What toys do you display publicly in your room/whatever the place you live in?

(Okay, the green box is a gift for someone else. I swear)

…And after taking that picture… goes to buy a Leo tomorrow

Do bean animals count? Plushies? >.>;

Anything you consider a toy (MY CONSOLES ARE A WAY OF LIFE, NOT MERE PLAYTHINGS >_>;)

About the only “toys” I have, if they could be considered toys, are my guitar, PS2, computer, and PSX

Alright, I have a total of 25-40 bean animals/plushies. However, I don’t have a pic… Need a bloody camera… ;_;

The only thing that comes even close is this elephant figurine my grandmother gave me for Christmas. I don’t play with it or anything. It’s a real piece of art - made of a single stone, hollow on the inside with a baby elephant there, every little detail taken into account, plus more details added.

I don’t really have toys on display now, except for a fair number of Beanies that I’m going to sell on ebay most likely. I have one stuffed bear that I keep with me, and I have a stuffed Nemo that I bought on my last trip. Now my toys are mostly gadgets.

I used to have a Dino Riders action figure sitting on a shelf, but I got rid of the shelf, so now I don’t have any toys out…

I have a bunch of Beanie Babies on my shelves, from when I collected them. I also have tons of old legos and etc. lying around in my disaster area of a room. (Legos are STILL fun!)

My room is filled with Transformers, the old ones.

They rock.

The one, the only, THE Transformers! They must dominate my room. I still get a new one every weekend(if I can). And for your viewing plesure the new BT-01 Smokescreen coming soon!

Vehicle mode!

Robot mode!


I have two espharelite models: a tarantula and a scorpion, both the size of my arm. Espharelite (I don’t know if this is how you spell it) is that white stuff that glows green in the dark. Asides from that, nothing.

When I was a kid, my room looked like a toy shop. As I grew up I got tired of my toys and gave the to younger kids.

Far too many for someone who’s supposed to be in his twenties :thud:

-One ORIGINAL WWF Hulk Hogan action figure
-Two Darth Mauls from episode one (one with a one-ended lightsabre, one with a dual ended one)
-One Count Dooku from episode 2
-One Anakin Skywalker from episode 2
-About a dozen Star Trek Micro Machines
-Thunderbird 1
-Thunderbird 3
-Some of those really old football players you got free with Sugar Puff cereal, years ago (1996 at the very latest)
-A singing lobster
-A singing, crawling turtle
-More of those liquid eye soother ornaments than you can shake a stick at
-Crappy £2 robot dog

…and plenty more, but that’s all I can remember right now :get it?: Most of it is stuff that should’ve been chucked years ago, I just didn’t have the heart for it :wink:

A couple of plushies, that’s all. I sent all my toys off to some third world country years ago: They’re more than us, so we don’t want them to be unhappy and revolt.

Unless you’d like to define my scythe and my katana as toys. I guess my GameCube should be defined as one, even though something seems wrong about calling my GameCube a toy.

I threw away all my toys ages ago… either that, or they are being stored in the loft or garage…

…Hmm… Lets see… I have a fish clock? Does that count? Probably not… Then nothing.

I had a whole freakin’ case of TMNT figures. I sold it years ago at a garage sale. I guess I consider my laptop, PS2, and Cube as “toys” now. Very expensive toys, but toys nonetheless.