Town to ban Christmas. MY town! ;_;

Apparently the stupid, idiotic town council mebers invited a Mulsim to their annual Christmas dinner. Said muslim was offended and gave the impression he was going to sue the council for some reason. Now the council are thinking of appeasing this one man by not allowing us to celebrate Christmas in the outdoors.

WTF!? They can’t do this!
Alright, so I know that technically they can, but damnit, it’s Christmas! ;_;

Your council = assholes

So petition them not to. Get a bunch of other people to do the same, including Muslims (since I think the vast majority of them don’t mind people celebrating Christmas). Really, it’s not that tough a fight.

with us those muslims are allowed to celebrate theirs so why can’t we celebrate ours

Makes one wonder if said town council actually bothered to find out what it was that offended the Muslim, exactly.

Well, I am muslim, but I don’t see what’s wrong with christmas.

Your council are dickheads, plain and simple. Didn’t they see that first-season (I think it was, anyway) episode of South Park? :get it?: If they tried to ban the Muslim call to prayer, there’d be an absolute outcry- as there should be against this. The people don’t have to stand for it. Get that petition started. :noway:

Actually in the USA, it’s the minorty everyone seems to want to support, not the majority.

So this doesn’t surprise me at all.

Ah religious intolerance, isnt it lovely? Quite frankly, I don’t see why said Muslim would get “offended”. I mean, if he’s that anal, then every pagan and athiest can say they get offended too. Christmas isn’t just a Christian holiday anymore.

I also don’t get offended when Muslim’s go through their fasting periods. I mean, it’s like the same thing only vice versa.

The only thing I can think of that pissed the muslim off is that Christmas dinners consists of very much pork and ham. Atleast, they do here.

Muslims will not eat that, their religion strictly forbids it. Still, I think they overreact quite a bit…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they never went through with the ban, considering how ridiculous it is. But if they do, then definetly start that petition! (or get them with it before they even reach a decision >>; that’s always fun :D)

No Wert, I don’t think he would have been offended by that. Unless he is THAT religious…

I think that most people here are missing the issue. I doubt that any town council is seriously considering cancelling the celebration of a major holiday to appease a single outsider. What is far more realistically likely is that the person in question had a problem with / was offended by something, and either the town concil completely misunderstood him, or they made up the Christmas thing to shut him up. Very easy scenario to occur.

EDIT: But it doesn’t make the town council any less stupid or idiotic.

Here’s a little holiday message from me to them.

In my high school, we had to change the name of our usual “Christmas Cheer” campaign to “Holiday Cheer”. We were also banned from having anybody dress up in Santa suit. They told us we had to do it because it was necessary to “support multi-culturism”, and that we can’t acknowledge Christmas as the ONLY holiday. The only thing the change really accomplished is pissing everybody off.

Originally posted by Evangelion
Christmas isn’t just a Christian holiday anymore.
Exactly. I know atheists, agnostics, and even Jews who celebrate Christmas. It’s all about presents, snow, and a fat guy. Whatever the issue is, it has nothing to do with religion. The holiday (as well as other Christian holidays) have been too secularized for it to be an issue (SEE: sig).

It’d be much easier if people just shut the fuck up about what offends them. If they’re not shoving it on others, than what the fuck is wrong with it?
Edit: This wasn’t meant to be aimed at anyone in particular.

Thats total bullcrap. You can’t just ban christmas over one person who got offended. Think of it, a holiday thats been around for a long, long while that the majority of the world celebrates, then just making it so you can’t celebrate it outside. Thats unconstitutional. Of course, politics is unconstitutional too.

On the other hand, since the town in question is in England, the US Constitution doesn’t apply directly.

Umm…I knew that