tower of light

at this tower ur suppose to fight this bad ass mage, that is guarding a chest supposidly with the light key in it. but i went to the chest only to find the chest unguarded and had the might helm in it. anyone know what the deal with that is?

Amazing how everyone on this forum is a mind reader, eh?

What game are you talking about?

Lufia. Congratulations. You went there early and got an AWESOME item for your effort. You must’ve missed some sort of story sequence on the way, though. Check the Lufia shrine on the main RPGC site, it does mention this.

any ideas what i missed? to prevent the mage from appearing?

found it!!!

haha, that mage was pathetic, i kicked the living crap out of him, my hero was level 27, lufia 26, agrouo 25, and jerin 25

Oh, yeah, that battle is really easy- the levels I recommended are if you don’t want anything hard really. I was already overleveled since I was having to go back and check on other stuff and didn’t want to be slowed down by annoying monsters =P