Tough Guy Challenge 2009

How tough are you?

Looks like an interesting race. My kind of obstacle course anyways (if I could survive it). Granted, I wouldn’t want to be the guy in pic 14.

I’m not a tough guy. But I’m surely a comfortable guy.

i can bench press a car who believes me?

If you’d said it earlier, I’d have bought you as a mail-order bride. You know, it’d make changing tires easier. Deadlifting is also acceptable.

I do that obstacle course at LEAST every day. No big deal.

I want more information before I believe you or not.

Most importantly, how heavy is the car in question?

Just saying that it’s a car doesn’t really say anything. (I mean, I can dig through my old toys and find things that are definitely cars, even if they happen to be on such a scale that they are only about one inch wide and two to three inches long. And anyone who can lift the bar itself can benchpress those. :P)

like a school bus or somethign if i drank some muscle milk first

i totally used to do lame shit like this in maybe middle school call me when you wanna be a big boy, sg