Torn between two choices.

As most of you may know, I have relatively long hair… And you also may know I work for McDonald’s… This is where my problems come…

January of last year the owners of the stores retired, and the stores were bought by a company that enforced their policies… They were, however lenient in this, so they wouldn’t run half of everybody off… I trimmed my hair some… Enough to get by… Then I let it grow back out… And now with the New Year, the company wants to start fully enforcing the policies at these stores. So, thus, here I am… With a choice… My job… Or my hair…

I am quite attached to my hair, mind you… So, I have qualms with cutting it… I also have qualms against abrupt quitting…

So, I would just like to hear a few of your comments and sugestions… To perhaps relieve a bit of my conscience and bring me to a final choice.

<img src=“”> Get your hair cut, then destroy the McDonalds with one last, valiant display of superhuman powers. Then die.

dresses in faded 50’s clothing, gets some false teeth and a cane, sits on the front porch in a rocking chair and wears a tacky fishing hat Get a haircut, ya hippy!

I think you really should just cut your hair. It’s sad, but your hair can grow back. However, it could be tough finding another job.

Just cut your hair, it can grow back anyway.

Can’t they allow you to wear a hairnet, if you’re that concerned?

They can’t legally make someone cut their hair (or fire them because they don’t). At most they can make you put it in a ponytail and you have to wear a hair net.

I say see what they are gonna do about it. Dont do anything until they make the first move.

And like Epicgamer said, they cant fire you for long hair or make you cut it off. Now if they make you wear it in a certain style or in a net, and you dont, then they could fire you.

Just see what happins.

Or you can take the initiative and put it in a ponytail or hairnet. That would look even better.

Just get it cut you hippy.:get it?:

Cut your hair and get a better job; like mine. They don’t care bout that kinda crap and… oh yeah did I mention… I work at GameStop? Yeah, good company go for it… get a better job and leave your hair.

Keep it long until they fire you.

I believe it goes…

“Cut your hair you fucking hippy!”

But seriously, just get a hair net. THey legally can’t fire you because of how long it is.

Dignity before work!

Piss on them. If you ask me, your hair is an asset.

Say that you have to keep your hair long for religious purposes.

If that doesn’t work, quit your job. Make sure to put ice at the bottom of a deep fryer (once it has cooled) at the end of your last day. Whoever starts it up the next morning will unleash hell upon the restaurant.

Originally posted by Nulani
Dignity before work!

Money before dignity.

Hairnet or cut it. You work in a food place, for gods’ sake, man!

Yeah, it’s not like the “no long hair” rule is in effect for no reason. I don’t think you’ll work at the Golden Arches forever so live without all your hair for awhile. I used to have long hair but then I cut it all off and now I like it. It’s so much easier to take care of.

First off… They CAN fire me for not cutting my hair… It’s policy… The HR manager validated that through the Labor Board or whatever… And no, being that it’s McDonald’s, muchless a restaurant, isn’t the reason… There’s nothing against long hair in the health code…

As for the hat/hairnet/ponytail comments, I wear a hat…and keep my hair ponytailed.

And as for the waiting for their move remarks… They would have let me go… I neglected to mention they sent me an ultamadom(however the hell you spell that…) today…

And I’ve come to the conclusion to get it cut short enough to get by the policy… I will grow it back out, however… And in the meantime, I will be looking for another job…

Shave your head and get a long-haired wig (or make one out of your own hair). That way you can wrok normally without being pesterd about your hair, and you’ll still have long hair when you are not at your job.