Torchlight, 10 bucks!

I just got it. I like it. Its a mix of Diablo 1 and Warcraft 3. It works well.

Steam’s now got some kinda holiday sale going now, with everything (pretty much) discounted to some extent. Even Torchlight’s back at $10.

Its really worth it.

It’s a nice game, but the difficulty is a bit low. Mostly since some of the attacks are really broken.

I played it as the “rogue” on highest difficulty, die-once-and-you’re-dead and I got pretty far (the earthquake boss) just by maxing and spamming Ricochet, the attack you start with. Early on, I put one point in the fan of knives and used the snare effect to kite uniques.
(Ricochet always pierces through enemies, maxed out it causes 200% of weapon DPS as damage / shot and it ricochets around. If you’re lucky, it will bounce straight back at you and hit everything twice.)

At least every class has some sort of horribly broken basic attack, so it’s not as if any of the classes are easier than the others. :wink:
(The “fighter” has the dualwield sweep. Does damage with both weapons, and the dual wield talent is a flat out increase to all damage while dualwielding, so you will cause MASSIVE DAMAGE very quickly. Didn’t play the “wizard” very much, but it has a melee attack with an aoe that stuns for 4 seconds on primary target and 2 seconds on aoe targets. It does not take 2 seconds to cast.)

Despite that little problem it’s still a nice game, as long as you’re not looking for something actually challenging. So you should get it now while it’s cheap. :smiley:

I thought so too until I got to the Black Palace (final section) with my destroyer. I was a lawnmower all the way there and then I died about 50 times before I hit the final boss. All the mobs were almost insta-killing me. It was ridiculous.

Yeah, it really picks up at the Black Palace. Just tons of stuff around and those dragonkin spewing fire doesn’t help things. Hilariously enough, I ended up getting a unique chest armor to drop that nearly doubled my current chest armor, just right before the final boss.

Come to think of it, the only times I died was when I was completely surrounded by mobs and just neglected to heal up fast enough.

I had really good gear and my destroyer was being instakilled by the caster / dragon combinations. I have no idea what to do to fix the current problem.

On the upside, fighting single large mobs, like Ordrak, is easy as long as they don’t breathe fire on me. I have 250 fire res, I don’t know what more to do.