Topicless Thread #002


I agree. Mess with Wil, and you’ll have more than him to worry about.

One thing that has always fascinated me, fog. It’s just so cool.

This is charlemagne. You do not insult charlemagne.

I like to play…checkers.

Fuck wil. fuck him. He’s fucking clownshoes!

and stuff.


O_O Are they talking about me?

:fungah: -Nah. Must be some other Wilfredo Martinez.



I wanna go see Jing bellydance. :frowning:

We all do, man…we all do. pats DB

Dream on… >.>

I have more of a chance then you Manus…possibly. >>
Hey, it’s at least an EVEN chance.

I keep reading this as “Topless Threads” and I’m not sure why. >.>

Since I made that thread BUT THE MAN CLOSED IT DOWN

I must be alone in the “I don’t really wanna see Jing belly dance” category.

The MAN being people who hate fun!

And stupidity!

lol internet =)


Hahaha, Oh internet, I love you

Are you my mother?