Topicless Thread #002

Number one seems to have been misinterpretated. It was meant to be silly and fun, but not childish or juvenile, which is in accordance with rule 10. so you have no right to close it. How bout instead of closing it, you just tell people to take it a little seriously, and that rules still apply, and that this thread isnt just a mini-TOB, its a thread to talk about whatever you want. Not just a thread to POST whatever you want. Remember we embrace silliness, but only if it remains silly and not juvenile.

So now as long as I put a topic in this thread, you can only close it by admitting you’re just being spiteful.

What are some of your interests? what brings you joy?

I like to eat cereal out of large bowls. and being outside during the sunset.

what kind of cereal do you tend to eat?

And what is Darby Duck?

I like Count Chocula, and I dont really know what Darby Duck is.

What is your favourite flavour of jelly sweet? I like orange myself.

well I knew that much. I just dont know why I’M Darby Duck.

You are Darby Duck because you want to stop water pollution and protect our water.

This thread sucks.

I’d like to point out that, while my threads may occasionally have stupid titles, at least I always make them to share stuff which I believe would be of interest to the group.

But, while I’m here, I might as well join in. And since this thread is ‘topicless’, I’d like to talk about:


Yes, the (supposed) ‘show about nothing’ that was incredibly popular once.

That was another joke, of course; You CANNOT have a show about nothing. At best you can have a show with no regular topic. But short of comedy improv shows, all shows HAVE to have a script each episode, and therefore, a topic. And all the Seinfeld episodes definitely HAD a common topic: the banality of life. The show was ALWAYS about people getting pissed off for the stupidest reasons. Honestly, I cannot see what was so funny about most of them. But, humor is relative, we all laugh at different things. Mean-spirited jokes just aren’t my cup of tea. But, I’m glad Seinfeld made many people laugh. And Jerry certainly was smart when he quit at the top of the show’s popularity: now, nobody can ever talk about “the decline of Seinfeld.” :wink:

They can always talk about the final episode. That was about as declining as it got.

that was boring

monkeys, what about the monkeys. lol, no seroiusly, im i h=just suppose to just ask que, im losty, like always

I hate monkeys, and no you arent just sposed to ask questions, you’re sposed to start up any conversation you want.

I wonder if there is an English word for raggare, because that duck looks like one
Which reminds me, I should go and fetch my laptop so I can check if I have your old avatar, Charle… I think I was told it was lost.

I thought the thread was titled “Topless Thread #002” and I was all ready to see some naked man-ness.

Guess not.

Dont let that stop you from taking your sgirt off

Oh I never make the first move

Do you bellydance well Jing?

Wilfredo Martinez is the nicest man every to grace the internet. He is a gentleman and a scholar. To insult Wilfredo Martinez is to insult all things that are good in this world.

I just started a few months ago, so not really. I’m having LOTS of fun, though! Actually, I’ll be on stage with my class for the first time this Saturday.